Meet Shubham Choudhary the man behind Rajasthan Kabaddi League

Brief in detail about Rajasthan Kabaddi League, about its teams & players?
The biggest sports league of Rajasthan “RKL Season-1” is going to happen in the month of October 2019 in Jaipur. We started in March 2018, after trials & practice camps, we selected the top 120 players out of Five thousand participants from different locations of Rajasthan. There are 8 teams, who will be participating in Season – 1 at one location – Jaipur. This League will be live on National Television and also on Facebook &Youtube. We are also giving a prize of INR 10 Lakh to the winners.

What is the main objective behind this big event “RKL”?
This League aims to promote professional sports in rural areas of Rajasthan & bring up the real talent in the forefront from remote areas. The mission of Rajasthan Kabaddi League is to identify young talent, to train-retrain them & groom them professionally to place them on the international map of Kabaddi. Our vision is to provide the right platform for the kabaddi players of Rajasthan to showcase their latent talent.


Why did you choose this game only instead of other games?
Kabaddi mostly used to play in villages & rural places of India. It doesn’t need any types of equipment or special ground to play, just one piece of land. This game needs strength, focus, speed, and accuracy, how quick you are? How strong you are? We are the world champion in Kabaddi from the day it started but our young & upcoming generations are not appreciating this game as much as other mainstream games.

How do you see the future of this Game? How will you promote this to rural areas?
In the days of Digital media or Social Media, nothing is out of the reach, anything can be promoted. If you see you will find in the villages & at all the block levels, 70% of India is playing and enjoying this game. It needs to be promoted professionally at all the levels, at the Regional level, at the district level and all the block levels. So that real talent can emerge. All the players & followers are helping us to create awareness amongst the people of Rajasthan. Certainly, we will create a buzz before the event.

Anything Special or Uniqueness of this League?
The uniqueness of RKL lies in the fact that it has spotted hidden talents like Manish Singh Chouhan from Udaipur, young sportsman Manish, who has lost his one arm in a tragic accident, but he never lost his passion for Kabaddi, despite his physical challenges and he is on board of RKL, ready to hit the bullseye.

Who is behind this Big Kabaddi Show?
The man behind the show, Mr. Shubham Choudhary. He is working days and nights with his team to make RKL 2019 a grand success. He is leading this noble initiative with his rich experience, meticulous planning & untiring efforts. Initiative of Rajasthan Kabaddi League has also been very well appreciated & recognized by many well-known social, cultural & political personalities of Rajasthan.

So Rajasthan Be Ready to witness the pro skills of The Jaipur Jaguars, Mewar Warriors, JincJodhana, Chambal Champions, Singh Soorma, Shekhawati Kings, Bikana Riders, Ajmer Lions in the Biggest Kabaddi League.


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