Kamdhenu Paints Urges People to Adopt Single Paint Solution in New Campaign

Kamdhenu Paints, one of India’s leading full-scale decorative paint company has rolled out a new digital campaign titled #PaintKaDoubleRole to promote adoption of Single Paint Solution for both exterior and interior walls among customers / encourage customers to adopt Single Paint Solution for both exterior and interior walls. The company used the campaign message “Ab Hogi Paint Aur Paise Dono Ki Bachat!” for coming up with a video series which is now live on Kamdhenu Paints’ digital platforms like Facebook, lnstagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Directed at customers and retailers, this campaign is based on the insight that in our busy and hectic lives there is already a lot of stress. It says that there is no point in taking extra load for deciding on separate paints for interior and exterior walls when an option in the form of Kamodual Paint Range – A Single Paint Range from Kamdhenu Paints is available.

The campaign builds on the premise that when it comes to the beauty of our home both interior and exterior walls demand equal attention. And deciding on separate paints for both the interior and exterior walls not only wastes our precious time and energy but also puts additional financial stress besides causing wastage of extra paints.

Conceptualized and produced by The Scriptshala, the campaign delivers the message through a series of digital videos in interesting and humorous manner. The first video begins with a customer, exhausted at the end of a workday, struggling to buy two separate paints while managing his daily routine job. The second video builds on the same premise that it is always better to adopt single paint solution for both exterior and interior walls. It shows a painter struggling to manage separate inventory / paint for interior and exterior walls.

Commenting on the campaign, Saurabh Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Paints said, “Paint is a basic requirement for decorating and enhancing lifespan of a house. Additionally, the cost of painting being so high, it is all the more important to take wise decisions when choosing type, quality and finishes of paint. So with this new campaign, we are trying to build conviction among our customers for single paint solution for both exterior and interior walls. These videos connect well with the audience, urging them to adopt Single Paint Solution for their dream home thereby complementing our vision to deliver superior value to our customers and business associates through world class products.”

He further added,” “Research has played a key role in coming up with key consumer insights which have gone into the making of this campaign. We intend to further leverage this campaign through below the line activities, which include on-ground educational programs to create awareness on dual-use paints.”

Kamdhenu Paints launched a new series of Dual Paint ‘Kamodual Luxury Emulsion’ in 2018. The new series of paint reduces the inventory cost of dealers and the final cost of the end user as ‘Kamo dual Luxury Emulsion’ can be applied on both exterior and interior surfaces. Kamodual Luxury Emulsion’ range of paints comprise of premium quality low VOC paint products in standard pack sizes ranging from 1 litre to 20 litre. It offers rich gloss and smooth finish thereby embellishing the overall appearance. Stain Resistance and Anti Dirt features of the product ensure long lasting colour durability and maintains the aesthetic appeal of the wall.


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