RGCIRC celebrates International Nurse Day with Education Fun-filled Activity

Nurses are those unsung heroes who always remain behind the curtain and silently work towards improving the condition of the patients. As a community they have a vital role in keeping our country healthy, the community serves the people with devotion and commitment. To celebrate their contribution and their existence, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC) organized a one day Continuing Nursing Education Programme filled with Discussions, Talks, Presentation, Quiz and various activities at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Rohini.

The one day activity featured Nurses Are Foundation – “To Affordable & Accessible Care” by Ms. Shilpee Sarkar. The session was chaired by Dr. Shalini Mishra, Consultant – Pediatric Surgical Oncology, RGCIRC & Ms. Kunjunjamma Chacko, Deputy Nursing Superintendent, RGCIRC. The session highlighted the need and importance of various facts and concentration on basic needs to have good system, followed by a session on Health for All Means – “Health Brought in Reach of Every One” by Ms. Poonam Chauhan (AIIMS), chaired by Dr. Malvinder Sahi, Sr. Consultant – Pain Management & Ms. Victoria Massey, Deputy Nursing Superintendent, RGCIRC. After the two knowledge enlightening sessions, a fun quiz session took place on the topic Health for All followed by another session You (Nurses) Are The Voice for Your Patients by Mamta Kaushal (RGCIRC) chaired by Lt Col. Madhumita Dhall, Chief of Nursing, RGCIRC & Ms. Savita Rai Assistant Nursing Superintendent.

Panel Discussion on “Nurses Led Initiatives” with the panelists Ms. Anumol Joseph, Dr. Seema Sachdeva (AIIMS), Ms. Sreeja Nair Singh (PSRI) and Ms. Susen George (RGCIRC) was chaired by Dr. Sunil Khetarpal, Medical Superintendent & Chief of Operations, RGCIRC. The session had experience sharing by the panelists on how they lead various initiatives for the nurses to improve and encourage them to provide better care to patients. The session was followed by fun activity Who Am I? in which different quiz took place with finding out the logos of various known brands. The activity also had a Poster Presentation with posters on the theme Health for All depicting different slogans and messages.

D. S. Negi (CEO, RGCIRC) said, it’s amazing to be part of such an activity to celebrate the contribution of most important people in healthcare world, without whom one can’t think of smooth execution and I believe their contribution is more than a doctor or family of the patient. Talking about the challenges Dr. Negi mentioned there’s need for strengthening the nursing sector. We are a huge country and education system over here must be improved, we need to provide people with proper health education and improve their standard of living too. If we see, we are far behind in comparison to western world; hence we need to improve the quality of education and continuing such educating programs like this. Change is need of hour; be it curriculum, our activities and how we can do & adopt the change in a positive way, he said.

Talking about the program Lt Col. Madhumita Dhall, Chief of Nursing, RGCIRC applauded the endless contribution of the nurses. Nursing community has a vital role in keeping our country healthy. She is helping a patient, in fighting a serious illness is a nation-builder. The nursing community serves the people with devotion and commitment and the entire nation is grateful for this. The motto of our program is to applaud & celebrate their contribution to humanity at large. They are working tirelessly taking all possible care of patient’s overall well being helping them cured. This is part of our on-going efforts to educate and honor them as well as to provide platform to share their experience, ideas & to learn from other professionals on the existing challenges, how to make balance, how to handle patient in a better way.

She further added that in Oncology there’s a big challenge for nurses as the process here is critical and takes out a lot from them, like chemotherapy is one of the toughest fights during the cancer, lots of reactions happens which needs proper care and handling.

Addressing the gathering Capt. Indira Rani, Chief of Nursing JP Hospital talked about importance of how a Nurse progress in career, how they groom as leader and create balance in their personal-professional life. She insisted on importance of education, skills, advancement in skills, training, challenges, keeping balance with other colleagues, upgrading themselves to have excellent patient outcome.

Madhumita Dhall informed about the initiatives being taken to improve the lifestyle, education and overall scenario for Nurses and to have more workforce to join in and improve the sector with quality people and talents.

International Nurses Day is an occasion for the entire nursing community to remember Florence Nightingale and renew their commitment to her ideals. Florence Nightingale had established nursing as a service to humanity. She motivated nurses to follow the path of dedication, commitment and compassion. Every Year International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12 May around the world, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale and to thanks the nurses for their tireless efforts and contributions towards people’s health.


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