This Indian designer created a collection inspired by EARTH’s elements for Earth’s day

Nature has always been influential to designers and extends innumerable elements for design inspiration.

The deep characteristics of ‘Ocean’ drew designer Sunil Mehra towards it to create sartorial magic via fashion. Hence, the color associated with oceans has been evoked in House of Sunil Mehra’s ‘Ocean Blue’. The ethereal and vibrant attributes of the ocean have been incorporated widely in the collection. The luminescence of the oceanic waves has metaphorically portrayed in this exquisite nature inspired collection.

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The color holds a charming allure and a calming feel, as does the collection. Featuring it in both, formal and ethnic wear, along with the menswear essential accessories, the colour also depicts its versatility in fashion. Besides the color, the renditions of oceanic waves are painted on the shoes and blazers in a novel way. The shoe collection made of Italian leather accentuates the deep mysteries of the water life and the living creature- Fish. Fish scales have been designed and embossed beautifully in this shoe range.

Talking about the collection, Designer Sunil Mehra says “The calm yet stormy nature of ocean has inspired me to create this collection. The color associated with oceans is sometimes soothing, and sometimes vibrant, that’s what we have tried to bring out in our new range of menswear and accessories”

Exploring new horizons in menswear fashion, Designer Sunil Mehra’s ‘Ocean Blue’ is a timeless classic.


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