Discover the celebrity bartending talent from SpiritMasters

SpiritMasters is a mission to create celebrity bartenders to cater to the ever-increasing demand for top class service in beverage catering. They are the exclusive platform to promote, to hire and to create professionally skilled bartenders for both the Indian as well as the international market. SpiritMasters is bringing together all resources with knowledge about the science and arts of spirits to create masterpieces for their customers.

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On one hand they intend to bring on board the very best bartenders, flair artists and mixologists, both from India as well as overseas, and on the other they are creating the largest information database of the best cocktails, the best venues, the top companies providing beverage catering services, designer glasses, syrups and many more essentials in the world of beverage catering. They are also underway in creating unique DIY videos from industry leaders.

SpiritMasters understands the art involved in entertaining guests with the creative use of bar tools such as cocktail shakers and liquor bottles in dazzling ways. The idea behind mixology and working flair focuses on delivering drinks to customers with an element of visual entrainment.

Their Spirit Masters delve deep in the science of spirit and understand the aromas, tastes and blends to create extraordinary experiences. Experts includes whiskey sommeliers, wine connoisseurs, rum experts, cocktail specialist, mixologists and spirit scientists.


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