I am more than a pretty face and a title holder: Miss India Sushrii Mishra

Witness Sushrii Mishra perform in thrilling psychological drama Sakharam Binder directed by Ashok Pandey

Being a Miss India and a model, one often has a lot of stereotypes attached to them that you’re Just a Pretty face and you can’t act. Sushrii Mishra has been constantly fighting to prove that She is more than a pretty face and a title holder.

Speaking to us Miss India Sushrii says “I have been constantly working on myself and my craft. I aspire to be as versatile as a blank canvas that can transform into any character and tell any story. I want to be taken seriously as an actor, and this play seems to be the perfect platform to break all the barriers and the stereotypes.”


So when she got a call from director Ashok Pandey for the reading of the play and learned about the character she was very excited not just because its one of the classic Hindi play written by the celebrated Vijay Tendulkar which has been performed all over the world but also the fact that the script is so powerful and her character is so layered.


She further told us “The entire process was all about unlearning and working on the details and I had to be completely deglamorized considering the socio-political circumstances of Laxmi. Laxmi is an educated small town girl who has been through a series of extremely heartbreaking and devastating events in life which has completely changed her as a person. She has given up hope and is functioning on survival mode when she meets Sakharam. Its been a challenging journey working on my character Laxmi who transforms very interestingly and the climax of the play is a real surprise.”

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The story takes us through the life of different characters and is a thrilling psychological drama. The director Ashok Pandey has reimagined the original classic to make it more relevant to today’s time and age so that it resonates with the audience and they find the characters somewhere within themselves. It will leave the audience thinking.

Premiere on the 12th of April.

Tickets are available on bookmyshow.


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