Caredose registers 425% growth in the last quarter of FY 2018-19

A MedTech start-up company, Caredose, announced today that it has registered a growth of 425% in the last quarter of FY 2018-19, compared to the same period last year. Caredose, just an-year-old company, ensures and tracks medicine adherence from supply chain to consumption.

Speaking on the growth, Gauri Angrish, CEO, Caredose, said, “The growth and optimism that company has shown in its one-year of operation is a great motivation and reward for the team. We are addressing the big issues of medicine non-adherence, which are critical to health and well being of chronic patients. We decided to choose India for the launch as it has the largest chronic patient pool, given the sheer size of population and incidence of ailments.”

Caredose Team picture.jpeg
Caredose Team

While elaborating on the company’s expansion plan, Kinshuk Kocher, COO, said, “Caredose will be expanding its foot prints to five new cities in India including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. We will also be looking at global expansion next year; our target countries include Indonesia, Qatar, UAE, UK, Nigeria, and South Africa, where we will be focusing on both private and public sectors.”

To our advantage is India’s highly skilled and economically viable technology development work force, which will help in reaching our goal of creating a comprehensive ecosystem for medicine adherence, he added.

There are more than 1.2 billion non-adherent patients globally and Caredose’s intent is to make a substantial dent in the number by facilitating pre-organised and labeled doses with the help of IoT dispenser for auto dispensing and tracking dose adherence in real time.

In December last year, Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program launched the ‘CAREDOSE TB Medicine Adherence Tracking Initiative’ in collaboration with Caredose at Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi.

The company works on dual operating model where Caredose partners with healthcare providers (hospitals, pharmacies and public health organisations), and equips them with its technologies to manage their patients. Caredose also acquires patients via its website/ app and allows patients to pre-organize their medicines into dose pouches by choosing a designated partner for medicine dispensation from a list of various healthcare providers.


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