Frazer and Haws presents a Vibrant range of Vases

Frazer and Haws presents a Vibrant Range of Vases to add a dash of extra glam to your homes. Crisp Vibrant colours have always been an overall statement thus, these Vibrant colour Vases by Frazer and Haws have an ability to calm and soothe your living space.

Everybody wants their home to look classy, calm & welcoming – all rolled in one. Colourful yet elegant vases from Frazer and Haws are best suited for Summer Home Décor,as they create a sense of serenity in your surroundings. The timeless silver vases are a perfect addition to your living space and a great gifting idea for your loved ones.

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So,Adorn your living area with these trendy and elegant vases from Frazer and Haws!

Dragonfly Vases: Tasteful resin vases in aquamarine pink, blue & lime colour on the outer surface and white duco on the inner surface is an artistic decorative piece. The dragon fly’s form is chased in silver with gold gilded detailing and the wings are in piercing technique.Price: INR 15,200

Vase Masqueraders made of Silver +Resin avilable in brown and grey Rs 14000
Vase Venus A Glass Vase made of Silver and Gold Plating Rs.28900


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