Gajrao Rao defies all odds to claim the Best Actor Award at the News18 Reel Movie Awards

At a time where audiences are treated to cops, kings and romantic superstars in Bollywood, Gajrao Rao stands out from the clutter and how. The actor, having delivered one of the best performances seen last year in Badhai Ho, went on to claim the Best Actor (Male) award at the Reel Awards.

Giving the avid Indian movie buff a heartfelt performance that they will cherish, Gajrao Rao’s win comes like a breath of fresh air for one and all.

In a role that was high on humor, emotion, and maturity, this was far different from the ‘classic’ winners that award nights witness. Playing Jeetendra Kaushik, a man in his 50s who becomes a father, here was a character that the Indian audience had never seen before, but could so easily relate to. His relationship with his children, mother, and wife felt real, for he was the perfect family man who’s loved by everyone.

Gajraj Rao, Winner-Best Actor for Badhaai Ho, News18 Reel Awards 2019.

Speaking on receiving the award, Gajrao Rao said, “I am really grateful to the Reel Awards for nominating me for this role. I feel privileged to be part of such a talented nomination list. I’m accepting this award on behalf of the other nominees and I hope that this award function continues for many years to come. I am always looking to learn and explore new things and roles every day. While doing cinema, I have also stepped into the digital space. It’s a wonderful era for actors, technicians, writers and everyone, because content is doing the talking now. It’s the golden era of cinema, one that we can all enjoy.”


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