Explore the world of immersive dining theater with PaChaak

Bringing the eccentric and appetizing world of theater and food together respectively, PaChaak presents ‘The Lost Supper’, an immersive experience where conversation is actually encouraged. The play is a two-hour long after-death mysterious theatrical and gastronomical journey over authentic paranormal possessions, dire social messages, waiter-boss relationships, possession-exposé attempts, AI and also, romance.

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Immersive dining theatre is a multi-sensory experience that serves up settings with a difference. In a predominantly screen-based world, PaChaak’s offering creates something that encourages the interaction between the viewer and the medium. The audience is virtually indistinguishable from the players, and this is a type of theatre where a conversation is actually encouraged.

Providing a gourmet five-course meal+play, The Lost Supper is served by the culinary creativity of Chef Onkar Samarth and has been created and directed by Divya Rani.

Date: 30th March 2019
Time: 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm
Venue: Yiamas, Fort
Ticket Charge: INR 3,500


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