‘Badhaai Ho’ is one of the best film that I have got so far says Neena Gupta

For the longest time, it was only the big star cast budget movies that made to the film industry’s 100 crore club irrespective of the concept/storyline. But, looking at the current scenario, it seems that small budget films with eloquent, inimitable and attention-grabbing stories have also managed to capture the curiosity of the audience. With movies such as Badhaai Ho, Tumbbad and Stree dominating the nominations at Reel Movie Awards 2019

With Indian Cinema being a foremost entertainment medium around the world, the concept of filmmaking has driven numerous upcoming filmmakers and producers. Usually low-budget films transpires either a sense of negligence or acceptance among viewers, while on the other hand high budget films with celebrity star cast is like a line written on the rock. But, with changing times and mindset of consumers, there is recognition of low budget films, as well as the creative skills and innovative concepts that goes into the making. It is something that people deem in a race of producing movies.


Talking about the modern cinema growth curve veteran actress Neena Gupta said, “The modern cinema is slowly coming closer and taking a more realistic and varied form. Variety of subjects have been picked up by people and they have been successful so that’s a very important thing. Earlier, people did use to make films on different subjects but those films would never work commercially, so not many people continued making them. I think now is the best time in cinema, as it the story and the audience is ruling now.”

On Badhaai Ho, Neena Gupta said, “Badhaai Ho is a very special film for me. It is one of the best that I have got so far, which had a good role for me and was loved by the people. It became a movie that was watched by a lot of people and loved as well. I think, we need more such awards that promote the goodwill of brilliant and unique storylines.”

In this new age, many new short stories are being shaped by filmmakers in a way that has given a different view to the concept of a movie. Speaking of such motion pictures, Badhaai Ho, Tumbaad and Stree steal the limelight. Badhaai Ho, a movie showcasing how a matured couple fights against all odds of the society to bring up their baby, seized 8 nominations in News18 REEL Awards 2019. Starring competent and popular actors stars such as Ayushman Khurrana,Sanya Malhotra and Gajraj Rao, the film ranks among the highest-grossing Bollywood films of 2018.

Marking the impact that small-budget films have on audience, Indian cinema has started setting the stage for such stories and giving them a chance to filmmakers to showcase their talent.

REEL Movie Awards are India’s first and only film Awards which recognises and celebrates quality Independent artist and rewards quality independent Hindi cinema artist who deserve glory and recognition for their unique content and creativity. It is one of the finest podium where the true definition of new age cinema is recognised thus drawing more films that impact a change in the society.


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