Puratos India Introduces Cherry Cheesecake

Puratos India demonstrates the latest innovation in bakery, chocolate and patisserie recipes that form an integral part of this celebration, be it for gifting purpose or simply indulging in them. Cherry Cheesecake made with Puratos’s convenient products will be sure to win their hearts. The offerings taste best when made using authentic ingredients which gives it a rich flavour and perfect mouthfeel.

Cherry Cheesecake

1. Topfil Cherry
2. Deli Cheesecake

Step 1. Crush the cookies & mix with the soft butter.
Step 2. Make a base of the crushed cookie in a heart-shaped silicone mould
Step 3. Refrigerate for 15mins
Step 4. Fill the same mould with Deli Cheesecake & Bake at 170°C for 15- 20 minutes or till slightly golden surface (deck oven)
Step 5. Once baked, freeze overnight, demould & top with Topfil cherry
Step 7. Your Valentine’s Cherry Cheesecake is ready to serve

Topfil cherry 70gm
Deli Cheesecake 200gm
Butter 30gm
Chocolate cookies 100gm


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