Frazer and Haws presents classic silver plated textile inspired photo frames

To create a contemporary living space, it’s important to choose the right home décor accessories. Nowadays, styling your home is all about creating a simple yet stylish look that makes a great visual impact. Photo frame have always been an important decorative accessory when it comes to designing a beautiful modern space as it keeps your memories intact.

Photo frames from Frazer & Haws are silver plated with color etching and are influenced by various themes such as Warli, Phulkari, Block printing & more. With these Photo framers from Frazer & Haws, you can frame your treasured memories forever.

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Enhanced by a perfect combination of luxury, quality and uniqueness, the frames by Frazer and Haws are bound to glorify your living space. These are are a perfect treat for yourself and a great gift for your loved ones.

Photo frame Silver plated Silver Bust – Rs.11900
Photo frame Silver plated Matsya – Rs. 8900
Photo frame Silver plated Patanga – Rs. 11300
Photo frame Silver plated Ambi in Blue – Rs. 10800
Photo frame Maayur fan (plated) – Rs. 10800
Photo frame Vadya Rs 11800


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