The latest season of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is changing millions of mindsets and how

Talk about a show that gives its viewers a positive spin on the complexities of extramarital relationships. In the world of black and white, ALTBalaji’s Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain has woven some wonderful shades of grey. One would be amazed to see how the story in the second season unravels without glorifying infidelity or unnecessary drama. Neither does it make the other woman a villain. The narrative is simple and real, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

The ease at which these reel-life characters have been able to leave a lasting impression and be relatable has got the audience hooked and how. Commenting on the roaring success of the second season, actor Mona Singh, who plays the character of Ananya, said, “Never had I expected my character to receive such a raving response from the audience, especially the millions of women audience who are glued to this show. These ladies walk up to me and tell how Ananya has been no less than an inspiration for them. The love and praise that they give for my character, who chooses her career over a mainstream housewife, is overwhelming, to say the least. To be very honest, I too would have taken the same decision in real life. The women of today are changing with the times and this is exactly the reason why so many women out there relate to my character, an independent working woman who though loves her husband but loves herself equally. It’s heartening to see the show trend and become the talk of the town and I hope we continue to win hearts amongst the audience.”

It’s delightful to see how Poonam’s (Gurdeep Kohli) character undergoes a transformation in the second season, where she is now an inspiration to millions of women telling them that life doesn’t end with a divorce. And that’s not all, you’d be amazed at the way Rohit (Ronit Roy) and Ananya (Mona Singh) are tackling their issues and attempt to reconcile. This series makes for a perfect blend of some power-packed performances, backed with soul-string dialogues that makes large demographic wait in eager anticipation before the watch or downloading the show.

With a whole new emotional side of the characters being discovered, here you have a series that each and every one will resonate with at some point in life, making it a must watch. You surely don’t want to miss out on how the story of Poonam, Rohit and Ananya will unfold.


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