One Life launches it’s Range of Zodiac Based Essential Oils with Celebrity Numerologist, Shradha Salla

Renowned numerologist Shradha Salla and health entrepreneur Gaurav Aggarwal, founder- One Life India have created a premium line of zodiac sign based essential oils. Gaurav Aggarwal, who is the owner of One Life India has more than 100 different kinds of wellness and beauty products has launched a quintessential  collection of  essential oils based on zodiac signs and presented in a fine boxed selection, with different connotations for each horoscope. Here is an extract from our meet with Ms Shradha Sall

What is it that one can expect from these zodiac based oils? Is it meant to improve lifestyle, etc?

Basically, oils are a form of energy. Just like we use different kinds of energy for cleansing like salts or crystals, different plants, sage, herbs, similarly oils come in the same bracket. They’re used for purifying the air around us as well as for cleansing our own self. Today, we use a certain oil for head massage or if we go for a body massage, we’re using a certain oil, it’s releasing some kind of stress and negativity in our body and also giving us comfort. The reason I was excited about attaching myself with essential oils is because it is a form of energy and it adds a certain value to your life in form of a comfort, in form of a release. It also takes away certain kind of toxins and dead energy zones which have been invited into us. For me, it boils down to a release of energy in this form. Now, there are two ways that we can use it, one is on ourselves, to put it on our templates or in the middle of our forehead or on certain body parts and it releases energy in those forms. And secondly, is in the environment around us, placing it in a diffuser or placing it in a little bit of water and getting the entire room cleansed.

The connection of zodiac signs with the essential oils is such that, we have done an extensive research and study on the oils and we’ve combined your zodiac signs, the elements that a person is ruled by, the colors that they’re affected by and got together this formulation and this blend of 3-4 different oils which will help to release and provide assistance to the purposes in health, wealth and relations for that particular sign. So, it’s a well-researched study that we’ve put together in order to come up with this combination and solution.

How it feels to be associated with One Life?
My association with One Life is basically my association with Gaurav Aggarwal, who’s a friend since a lot of years and he’s a family friend who’s very close to the family. I’ve always liked the products that One Life came out with because they’re natural, well-researched upon, organic and they completely make sense to today’s world. When they came up with the concept of doing zodiac sign oils with me, they had a few things in mind and I knew that I could add value to this product. I knew that we were thinking on the same page and the structure that I was coming out with would have added a lot of value to it. The understanding was excellent and their quality is very good. Whatever they promise, they do deliver. I didn’t want to get my name added with somebody where I wouldn’t get value for both parties. This actually is a win-win solution with the best in the business coming from both the ends to create this one beautiful product.

What is the connotation of introducing this range?
You can’t buy happiness but you can definitely buy essential oils. So, that is really the same thing. It gives you happiness and that’s what we’re providing to you. I want to put forward to people that let us show you how we can give you happiness, pleasure, peace of mind and enhance your energies with these little oils of ours.
Also, never underestimate the power of a good blend on a bad day! We’ve blended our oils in such a way that no matter what the day has for you, we know we can take care of that.

Allow things in your life to keep you happy, nourish your soul and just keep you happy on a daily basis. That’s why, essential oils.

Living is about capturing the essence of natural things around us. These oils are made up of all these natural ingredients, whether it’s fragrances through plants, herbs and other things found through nature. That’s the combination we’ve taken together in order to provide this oil to you.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves so why not do it through something which is natural, pure and also smells so beautiful.

What is the uniqueness of this concept? Any artificial fragrances?
No, there are no artificial fragrances. It’s absolutely natural, used with a blend of different natural products, herbs, flowers and plant-based things. The uniqueness is that the research and the study that has gone behind this is extremely intensive. We’re not only taking your zodiac signs but we’re taking your elements, your colors, keeping in mind as much as we can to get close to an individual’s personality, in order to use this. Sometimes, you may not use it for your own zodiac sign, you can also use it to enhance other zodiac signs which you need to add into your life. I think the main uniqueness lies in the way it is made, the quality and the quantity. Also, what is very important is the surprise value. We know we’re giving you your money’s worth, besides that, the kind of extensive literature we have on each oil is self-explanatory. Right down to why we’re using it for you, what it’ll do for you, health, wealth and relations and how you can use it as per your sign, everything is mentioned right there


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