Meet Mithun S Sheth, CEO and Co-founder, AMA Design Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Mithun S Sheth

We met very talented strategist and tactician Mithun, who is known to provide unmatched thought leadership, strategic advice, insights for market differentiation, competitive advantage and go-to market strategies, using best-in-class tools and processes. Strongly influenced by his degree in Architecture from University of Greenwich (London), and a diploma in Interior Designing from Mumbai University, he has shaped his life around innovation and conceptualization. With over 19 years of work experience, 6 of which were spent in London, he is all about the fusion of diverse styles – an approach that characterizes both his extensive portfolio and his inspiring way of life. His exceptional experience and knowledge have earned him the moniker of ‘visionary leader’.

Tell us something about AMA Design Solutions?
AMA Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an interior designing and architectural firm based out of Mumbai. AMA is defined by an evolved approach to interior solutions, encompassing design, management and execution through a professional take on innovation and a one stop solution to all your project needs. We have a highly professional and dynamic team with a structured approach that is driven by SOPs. With a corporate structure in place, we bring organization to an otherwise highly unorganized segment, driven by knowledge, experience and passion.

We have 4 Business verticals that cater to a wide spectrum of services related to project requirements.
AMA Services: Comprehensive expertise in Design Consultancy and Project Management Consultancy, along with an innovative outlook on Interior Styling, transforming spaces into unique expressions.
AMA Solutions: Design & Build services that provide a seamless journey from concept to creation, and Turnkey Solutions giving rise to completed projects, ready for immediate use.
AMA Projects: Civil & Interior Contracting, General Contracting and Property Development solutions that combine impeccable aesthetics and the assurance of quality.
AMA Bespoke: A combination of Customised Design Solutions, FF&E, along with Product Design that incorporates the latest in technology and the finest materials, resulting in bespoke creations that can enliven any space.

What was the idea behind AMA Design Solutions?
Although established about a couple of years back, the company was incorporated in September 2017 and the full-fledged Operations started in April 2018. It was the collaboration of two visionaries and the need of the hour that gave birth to ‘AMA Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’
The two founders, Mithun S. Sheth and Abhishek Dugar joined forces and merged their multiple businesses to give a platform that could truly offer a one stop solution for any project related requirements from Designing to Management, to execution to Maintenance, with the difference and advantage of having a corporate approach which similar companies lack in today’s day and age.

How AMA is different from other players in the market?
We have a highly professional team with specialization in their respective field of work.
We have an eye for detail as we believe that the finer aspects of life deserve fine attention to detail, because it’s always the small things that add up to make a big impact.
We have a structured approach with pre-defined SOPs A True one stop solution provider with a corporate pedigree. We have a hands-on approach to a project with direct involvement from our Co-Founders and Director.

What are your future plan ?
A well-established company in our segment, with a target of becoming a “household name”. We want people to think of us as their local partners for their projects, no matter where the project is. We want people to think of us the same way as they do about Coca-Cola when they want to have an aerated drink or Cadbury when they want to have a chocolate.


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