Charmingly Contemporary and Traditionally Timeless Wall Clocks!

It’s time to add a punch of color to your home as Fabuliv have launched some new and decorative wall clock. Move away those boring wall clocks that show time in the most dry and uninteresting way. Step into our new launched world of thrilling and sensational times that are colorful, vibrant and stunningly unique yet elegant. Every home, whether big or small, surely has at least one wall clock. Add a stunning wall clock to your wall and watch the wall transform into a beautiful piece of art.

This season, make sure you take control of the time spent with your friends and family by adding some beautiful wall decor items to your home. Say goodbye to those boring and monotonous clocks and add some unique and good-looking ones. These clocks apart from telling you time also add an essence of beauty and charm to your home.

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Handcrafted items are the ones which is liked and loved by all, after all these are unique, functional, decorative, artistic, elegant and above all a twist of modernism and traditional. So keeping all these in mind we have brought for you some antique items which are hand crafted by the best artists. These are beautiful classic clocks embellished with rich design elements.

Wall clocks are not just meant for living area. You can add stylish wall clocks in your bedroom, balcony and wherever you wish. Always make sure the wall clock you choose to hang complements your home interiors as well as the wall paint color. For a light colored wall, choose a bright colored wall clock with a contrasting frame to add the much-needed glamour to your wall. Similarly, for a dark colored wall, choose a light colored wall clock with intricate designs and beautiful frames to add charm and appeal to your interiors.


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