Poshampa launches the new line of hand- painted canvas

Poshampa, a bespoke lifestyle footwear brand has came up with a new range of hand- painted canvas.The newly launched collection includes Angry Bird, Desi Naari, Christmas Canvas, Owl Canvas, Pineapple Canvas, Yellow Boho Canvas, to name a few. The new collection is comfortable hand-painted footwear for women that compliments almost every attire.

Poshampa collection is based on the designs we see around us. Some quirkiness by giving them a new look by adding funky designs, colors & shape. This collection has some very fashionable and colorful designs like ‘Desi Naari, inspired by the Indian local truck design. Another one ‘Mughal’ inspired by Mughal designs with added quirkiness. Canvas in this collection can be worn on any day with any outfit.

The concept behind Poshampa was to make original art reach through to the common man with the medium of shoes. Combining everyday fashion with original art came through because not everyone can buy expensive wall paintings and art pieces. The idea was to create something which an average person can own and cherish.

Poshampa Collection details-

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Price: Between Rs.2000 to Rs.2200
Availability: All the designs and products are available on all social media websites


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