Happy Retreats a creative hospitality firm.

What was the idea and story behind the experiential boutique retreat.
Pradeep Gowriraju and Pradeep Goud Nagula (Nag) are childhood buddies . Happy Planner was launched in the year 2013, while Pradeep working in the IBM. Nine-Five Marketing Executive job provided Pradeep with ample time for customising the surprise event in late evening and in midnights. Dressing as a Teddy Bear and surprise customers was a Pradeep’s first role in Happy Planner.

In 2015, Being a part of Happy Planners, curating the experience for the customers, Pradeep and Nag learned the gap in the hospitality space. Customers wanted to book an exclusive destination for their celebration. That’s when they started to search for the new destination and they are not able to find a new venue for celebrations. That’s where Pradeep and Nag connected the dots and started off the service called ‘Happy Retreats’.

Pradeep Gowriraju and Pradeep Goud Nagula (Nag)

How customised retreat create effective interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
There is a trend shift in the way people are celebrating their special occasions and the list of celebrations are increasing over a period of time and at the same time people are always on a lookout for unique destinations to enhance their celebration to the next level.

We are a creative hospitality firm solving this problem by providing an alternative destinations for people who are looking for celebrating their special occasions (Birthday’s, anniversaries, weddings, team bonding etc ) in an offbeat location,instead of a typical hotel or a resort . All our retreats are maintained and operated by Happy Retreats just to ensure that we give signature attention to the customer requirements and maintain all the hospitality standards without any compromise on the quality of the service.

Happy Retreats is a service based startup. Customer has got a requirement where they are looking for an exclusive venues, where they can customise anything and everything. Happy Retreats focuses on the four elements based on the customer’s requirement,
1. Customisation
2. Exclusivity
3. Privacy
4. Consistency in Hospitality Standards
Our service fits exactly into the customer’s requirement.

The success rate behind personalised getways and its advantage over other getaways.
Our TG is very clearly defined and our revenues are generated when the below mentioned TG books our places. Minimum duration of the booking varies from 12 hrs to 24 hrs and maximum is 3 Nights.

  1. Families looking for family getaway options ( Celebration of family bonding is the outcome)
  2. Weddings or people who are celebrating any special occasion ,looking for offbeat venues.
  3. Corporates looking for experimental team outings or offsites. ( Celebration of team bonding is the outcome )

We believe in giving signature attention to every guest who’s willing to experience our retreats and that’s the only reason we take up only one booking at a time. I am glad that entire happy retreats team chooses quality against quantity.

Each and every customer can decide how they would like to experience our places and our team puts in the best possible efforts to make sure that they enhance the customer experience in every possible format.

Every location we choose goes through a rigorous checklist and that’s our USP which in turn gives an assurance to the customers that all our retreats are handpicked and have a unique story to be told.

Future of customised event space and experiential event organising.
Starting from the inception till date we have spent good amount of time in setting up the processes and adding new properties under the brand. Now for the next 18 months we will be majorly focussing on marketing and optimising the occupancy of the existing retreats. We might add three more locations to the list.

How to orgainse an experiential events solely focusing on the hospitality.
This is still very much an unorganised market in India. Most of the companies/startups are competing with the international aggregator like Airbnb by chasing the aggregation path and promoting the holiday homes/ vacation homes but not many players are really solving the core problem of consistency and standardisation of the guest experience which is possible when the brand actually operates these places. Though Airbnb has now come up with the verified properties, the quality of the service is still dependent on the respective owners who are managing their places.

These aggregators are solving the major problem of revenue generation for the asset owners but still most of the asset owners who owns these holiday homes majorly look for some one who can give them an end to end solution, because maintenance of the property always tops the priority list of any asset owner prior to revenue generation. We are giving that assurance to the asset owners from the B2B perspective. This becomes a win win situation from both B2B and B2C perspectives.

As a brand we always focus on creating the value to the existing eco system of the hospitality space and the numbers and revenues are just a byproduct of all our positive efforts.


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