Happy Milk promising nourishment in its purist form

About the founder and start up
With an aim to make urban food habits organic and healthy, Happy Milk, a Bengaluru-based start-up, is promising nourishment in its purist form. Mehal Kejriwal co-founded Happy Milk in December 2017. This dairy company provides a farm fresh experience in order to ensure a healthy and nutritious lifestyle for people across Bengaluru. Presently Happy Milk has six products in 22 stock keeping units (SKUs) .The start-up has a farm located near Tumkur and uses Israeli know-how in producing milk from cows that are fed on organically grown fodder, and state-of-the-art German technology in manufacturing to ensure zero contamination in the finished product. The products have no additives and are stored in clay pots(for curd)and high-quality glass bottles, which help the milk products remain fresh. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Mehal was always inclined towards building something of her own. Her first venture was at the age of 19, following her education in Journalism & Media. The venture – DuaVivo – an e-commerce platform involved in buying & selling pre-owned luxury products – taught her the finer nuances of not just starting a company but helping it grow and thrive; but also of branding and customer service. With Happy Milk, Mehal wants to ensure a healthy & nutritious lifestyle for people.

Mehal Kejriwal, Co Founder- Happy Milk

Idea behind the start-up
Happy Milk came into existence to counter the serious issue of adulteration in milk products. Also, research found a market need for certified farm fresh organic milk. Happy Milk wanted to address the issue of purity. Increased demand for milk products leads to rampant adulteration. Since milk and milk products constitute such a huge market, Water, caustic soda, glucose, chemicals and other such additives are commonly used for preservation and to bulk up the product quantity. Happy Milk came into existence to counter this serious issue of adulteration in milk products. Also, research found a market need for certified farm fresh organic milk. Happy Milk wanted to address the issue of purity in the segment.

The journey till now
In less than a year, the company has introduced to the market six organic products: Classic Milk – pasteurised /pasteurised and homogenised, slim milk, low-fat milk, classic curd, slim curd, low-fat curd, ghee and paneer. Including these, the company has a total of 22 SKUs. The products are rich in vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B12, calcium, protein and phosphorus. Within a short span of time, the brand has received certification from bodies such as HACCP, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Aditi and are soon to get authentication from Jaivik Bharat too.

Available in stores and they provide home delivery as well under a subscription model. The brand does not have a fixed minimum period for subscription. The brand works in collaboration apps like Daily Ninja and Doodhwala where clients can subscribe to products and get them delivered.

The consumer base includes people from all walks of life, and includes home makers, mothers, school principals, teachers and fitness enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, and IT Professionals. Clients into food retail and sweets manufacturing buy bulk quantity of milk products from Happy Milk.

The enterprise is self-funded and Mehal estimates the total expenditure at Rs 10 crore.

Future plans
The company’s future plans involve expanding their offerings, including launching organic butter and cheese soon. “The current production is above 3,000 L/day and the brand hopes to have a production of 10,000 L/day by mid-2019”.


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