Faber launches Filter Less Hood

Designed to mirror your personal style and choice, the inventor of the first Chimney by Faber

Whether you cook for fun or from necessity, as soon as you have something rippling away on the hob , the air in the kitchen get flaming and steamy.

Faber has come up with its new concept of Chimney without filter which is a low maintenance product as there no need of regular cleaning. The “Filter Less Hood” has this quality of making less noise, which removes the scope of disturbance while cooking.


Also used for extract oil, smoke, grease while cooking and exhaust out. Faber provides filter less hood with various elegant designs, which allows you to choose according to your already established décor. Also this product has better suction efficiency as compared to regular hoods available in the market and comes with a Black duct cover. As, Ductable chimneys are best and preferred for Indian kitchens. Also the performance of ductable chimneys is much better than recyclable ones.

This Filter Less Hood is made up of Black Tempered Glass which gives your hood better strength than the ordinary glass. It has Metal Blower, operating cost of blower is low and it also provides with clean air and has no danger of oil droplets or residue.

Faber introduces Hood vertex FL TC BK60 with 3 speed motion sensor touch with filter less control at 1500m airflow. Some of it’s important salient features are mentioned below.

Salient Features:
Width : 60cm
Finish : Black
Control : 3 speed motion sensor touch control
Noise level : 60dB
Blower : Metal Blower
Lamp : LED2*1.5W
oil collector : S/S

Opt for Healthy Cooking with the world’s only, all new Filter less Chimney by FABER

Price:Price on Request


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