Shastrartha, Shatrughan Sinha in conversation with Raj Babbar on Stardom in Indian Politics

“Shastrartha”, Shatrughan Sinha in conversation with Raj Babbar on “Stardom in Indian Politics”, a discussion hosted by Pavan K Varma, Manish Pushkale & Nita Khanna was held at the Taj Mahal hotel, New Delhi. The discussion was moderated by Rasheed Kidwai, Author of Neta Abhineta, Bollywood star power in Indian politics.

Arjun Khanna,Nita Khanna,Raj Babbar,Rasheed Kidwai,Shatrughan Sinha,Manish Pushkale and Pavan K Varma

Shastrartha is civilized dialogue where eminent personalities are invited for panel discussions. It is a ability to agree, to disagree; the culture of listening with respect to vene those with whom you differ. This form of discourse has been one of our great civilization legacy. But today, the space for dialogue is shrinking alarmingly. we no longer talk to each other, but at each other. Shastrartha is a small but earnest beginning to change this and revive what has always been our strength.

The star studded evening was attended by Aman Nath,Manish Pushkale,Bhaichand Patel, Pramod Kapoor,Pavan K Varma,Renuka Varma,Kamna Pushkale.


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