Meet Nitish Jha, Founder of World In A Box

Nitish Jha have been hustling since the age of 19 where I founded a Digital Marketing, Content Creation Company. He holds up a Master degree in Risk Management and a Bachelor degree in Computer science Engineering. He was working for a hedge fund and then for an investment bank before he decided to move out of corporate world and follow his love for food.

Idea behind the startup
Out of passion for food, He founded World in a Box, one of the earlier Internet Kitchens which revolutionized the way Gurugram ate health food. World In a box received lots of awards and accolades and was awarded as the best online food delivery at various prestigious awards. There was a huge gap in delivery market & health food & global cuisine was almost unavailable to order. I wanted to let people travel the world with their taste buds at comfort of their home.

Nitish Jha

How it has fared till now
Journey till now has been very exciting with full of challenges and some great learning. World in a Box was started in June 2015 and brings to you, as the name suggests, flavours from around the world. “The Idea was to provide café style food at comfort of your home/office without having to spend bomb for it”.

The Capital invoved
The brand is now acquired by Michelin recommended chef Gautam Chaudhry. Nitish Jha is now VP for Sales & Operations at Demiurgic Group (Parent company for World in a box and 5 other food brands). They have expanded the services to Wedding & Corporate catering by the name of The Catering Inc. and currently holds up many corporates as their clients in Gurugram.

The Plan for Future
We are currently looking at Delhi –NCR market as it in itself is a big market to capture very soon we will be extending services all across the city. We are currently expanding across various offerings and cuisines thus trying to form an ecosystem which is self sustainable and re-engineering the way f&b typically works, thus improving both customer experience and enhancing the bottom line at the same time. We also plan to take this magic formula to tier 2 cities all over the country.


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