Meet Divya and Avanti, the brain behind WordBerries

They say that the universe conspires, don’t they?

They did not know what it meant till WordBerries was born. Like a gazillion women around, they were two very typical 9-5 working mothers with maid-dependencies and juggling-tendencies galore! There was always an itch, a calling- to build and nurture something they love, that you could call your own. Having lost touch over the last decade when they reconvened, it was simply fate. The universe had set the stage and how!


Avanti, a hardcore Mumbaikar, has worked in the BFSI sector for a major part of her decade long career. With Marketing, Channel/Events and Communication experience under her belt, Avanti is extremely enterprising. Who else can find time for kids’ story telling sessions and stand up comedy, amidst the chaos that is life!


Divya, a small-towner at heart, has spanned most of the big cities of the country owing to her experience in Retail and Operations. Wanting to nail it all, she has sailed in both the client and the agency boats and claims to be able to read customer minds!

What got them together was love for writing and meaningful content. And thus, WordBerries was born. WordBerries aims to stitch the communication gaps that haunt brand managers. Having been clients themselves, they understand the operational pain points in a business and are here to help you build a brand that talks to your/your client’s target audience. Sounds interesting? Well, they aren’t done yet! They ace the below services we offer-

Online Content Creation: Websites, Blogs, Newsletters, Interviews, Emailers and Video Scripts.
Off-Line Content Creation: Awards Entries, Event Coverage, Leadership speeches, Product Brochures, Creative Writing
Content Strategy: How do we ensure the content is engaging and most importantly keep those digital platforms alive? Allow us to craft a strategy and execute it along with you to find a marked improvement in brand visibility, reach and engagement.

Across Financial services, FMCG and hospitality, some of our key clients include –

• Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
• Webfare
• Kiran Biligiri restaurant
• Kestone

WordBerries is the product of an extreme hunger to do good. It is a result of sleepless nights, constant to and fro of ideas and a mother-like dedication to produce valuable content. Their idea is to make WordBerries a stage, for more women/mothers across India. To provide them with the right platform and flexibility that the usual corporate life can not boast of. To give wings to more Divyas and Avantis and in the process to make WordBerries the kick-ass go-to name for building brand content!

Have you been wordberried yet?


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