Meet Geetika Sehgal Founder of Half Full Half Empty

Half Full Half Empty is a clothing label that has been created with a belief that every individual has his or her own way of perceiving fashion, and defining fashion!

Founded by Geetika Sehgal, a 22-year-old fashion design graduate based in Delhi, the primary motive of Half Full Half Empty is to create designs that radiate comfort. Understanding that comfort is the primary attribute of any garment and striving to design a well-tailored range of comfort clothing is exactly what Half Full Half Empty stands for.


A young, peppy 22-year-old Geetika is a qualified fashion design graduate. Nothing about her journey into the world of fashion happened by chance. Self-motivated and determined Geetika derived her inspiration from her father who has been from the same field.

Initially, Geetika explored her options into various fields. While she was in her junior college, in spite of being from science background, she adhered to her calling into fashion domain and carefully studied various options like styling, designing before deciding to take a leap and pursue her entrepreneurial venture, Half Full Half Empty. A journey of self discovery and new experiences is exactly what Geetika loves about her experiences.

It wasn’t a moment of spur decision for Geetika to start her own fashion label at such a young age. While pursuing Fashion Design, she consistently worked as an intern and a freelancer with various brands like 431-588, a few ecommerce websites, trying her hands at every aspect right from content writing, photography, Indian wear design, athleisure, etc to understand the craft and have a complete understanding of the career she had chosen to pursue.

These internships helped Geetika learn and discover various domains that she fearlessly explored. She started her fashion blog, How I Like It Journal, a platform that mainstreamed to personal style and fashion.

Right from her time in college, Geetika always knew she wanted to start her own fashion label and had been working towards it all working towards it all throughout her college time. Hence, the base set up of Half Full Half Empty began just a month after she graduated.

When quipped about her personal style, Geetika says, “Personally, I like to pick outfits that are comfortable and easy to style. That is exactly my vision for Half Full Half Empty- to create clothes that are comfortable, easy to style in-fact pieces that can be styled in a number of ways according to the personal style of the person wearing it.” The primary motive of Half Full Half Empty is to make everyday fashion effortless, comfort being the top priority.

Geetika Sehgal, founder of ‘Half Full Half Empty’ has been innovative in expressing her sense of fashion, making it accessible to everyone who wishes to explore their fashion sense.

Dedication, hard-work, creativity, and ambition are just some of the characteristics that Half Full Half Empty has been built on. Half Full Half Empty aims to redefine the fashion segment by making comfort a primary objective when it comes to choose to embrace various changing trends.


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