Meet Isha Shetty and Mansi Shetty Bafna from Vanilla Miel

About the founder and startup
Vanilla Miel is an online patisserie that specialises in multi-layered and textured entremets and tarts. It is a start up by two sisters who have the utmost passion for food and more specifically, all things sweet. Mansi, the university of Pensylvania trained lawyer handles all of the business development, marketing and client relations for Vanilla Miel whereas Isha, a trained Le Cordon Bleu pastry Chef handles product development and kitchen operations- together they hope to stay true to quality pastry products that are innovative and elegant all at once.


Idea behind the startup
The sisters have always had a food background since their father has been in the industry for over 40 years and despite their distinct educational backgrounds share a deep understanding of flavours and ingredients. They want to create a pastry brand that resonates deeply with their experiences while traveling and visiting famous chefs across the world. They hope to create desserts that use only 100 percent couverture chocolate for garnishes which is a skill not easy to accomplish as chocolate work takes intense training and precision.

The journey till now
the start up is extremely young, it is only 3 months old but yet it boasts of work like consulting for national ice cream brands and creating wedding cakes for parties of 400 people. It is a company that hopes to be ever- evolving and constantly innovating to create desserts that not only look aesthetically pleasing but are a flavour rollercoaster as well.

Future plan
the plan currently is to be in the online space and test the waters and if things go well, possibly open a brick and mortar store in the future, collaborations with popular eateries are already in the pipeline and lots of more exciting plans are yet to be finalized.


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