The competition is huge, but there is always scope for good talent: DJ Paroma

Recently our team got the opportunity to interview one of the India’s best female DJ player DJ Paroma , here is the extract of our conversation with very talented DJ Paroma

Tell us something about your journey?
I started off my career being an airhostess at a very young age, like any young girl I had dreams and aspirations to fly high. I thought being an airhostess was something which will make me content career wise, but then I started feeling like something was missing. I got in touch with my friends who were already established in the DJ’ing industry and I realised I could also try my hands behind the console and use my sense of music to my benefit. I took professional training, and learnt the art from the best in the industry. I very soon started getting offers to perform, and then there was no turning back.


During your journey to No. 1 position, what all obstacles you faced?
When I was a newbie in the industry, I had a lot of stereotypes to break. DJ’ing was considered a man’s profession, involved late nights, and also there were concerns by my family on the earnings of working in this industry. Plus, I did not get so many opportunities initially, once my work started getting recognized, opportunities started flooding in. Today, by God’s grace, my hard work has paid off and my eight year’s expertise is taking me places that I could have only dreamed of.


What was the idea behind becoming a DJ ?
The idea arose out of a need, to feel content with what I am doing, and giving an objective and a goal towards my passion and profession. I had the belief in me that I can be a good DJ, and with some training, I would definitely rock it.


Who inspires you the most?
I’ve been following (Dutch DJ, remixer) Armin van Buuren. He’s been around for a really long time. I also like (Norwegian music producer) Kygo. In India, I have been blown by artistes like Nucleya. Though I’m not inclined to drum and bass or dubstep (genres of music), I really get inspired by Indira Kanawade aka Smokey. She’s emerging big time now.


What’s your favourite playlist?

  • Girls Like You — Maroon 5. It has meaningful lyrics. The ending of the video sends a beautiful message of love.
  • Dura — Daddy Yankee. I love reggaeton and this one is a dance floor banger.
  • Yeah Baby — Garry Sandhu. It has a very catchy tune.
  • Sit Next to Me — Foster the People. It has a nice chill indie-pop vibe that anyone can groove to.
  • Tera Ghata — Gajendra Verma The lyrics connect with everyone. Super meaningful.


Where do you want to see yourself in coming years?
I want to become a music producer and launch my own album someday. It has to be big, something I can be proud of.


Advice for young and budding female DJs?
The competition is huge; but there is always scope for good talent if you are not in it for quick money or fame. You will have to work hard, find your niche, build your network. It is important not to get distracted by what others are doing and who or what is popular. You have to explore what you are good at, practise it and polish it. And if you are passionate about something that you know you are good at, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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