Space Valet: solving the storage issue

About the Founders and Startup
Space Valet was born from the severe lack of space affecting all of us living in India’s fast-growing metropolises. These cities have increasingly smaller homes and lack of storage spaces. Ameya and Devak Davda saw this growing need for secure, convenient and affordable storage spaces and decided to quit their corporate jobs to follow this idea.

Ameya Davda

Ameya has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of San Francisco after which he spent 2 years as a consultant working in the US. Following that stint, he came back here to work for Weizmann, a company specializing in foreign exchange and the payments space.

Devak has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Sheffield and a Masters from the London School of Economics focusing on Business & Information Management, Innovation, Information Systems. He was a part of the KPMG Technology Consulting Practice for over 3 years before his Space Valet journey.

Journey till now and Future
Ameya and Devak were first exposed to the concept of Self Storage and Valet Storage first hand whilst studying and working abroad. What struck was the convenience of renting out exactly how much space you need for precisely as long as you want. To them, the concept is so simple and yet solves one of the biggest challenges faced in a large city. Towards the end of 2016, they both quit their jobs and began the first step towards what eventually become Space Valet. This included market research, customer surveys, meetings with international experts in the field and talking to operators in similar markets so that they could offer the best possible customer experience. All this culminated into the first facility in the central Mumbai area of Sewri which is easily accessible to most other parts of the city. Space Valet is now looking to expand in Mumbai with larger facilities and also expand into other cities where customers have similar needs.

Idea Behind the Startup and Clients
Indian consumers have increasing disposable incomes and with the boom in e-commerce, are purchasing more items than before. Couple this with new apartment complexes offering smaller apartments with no garages and sky-high real estate prices, and self storage units start to make a lot of sense. Things stored in these units are those which are not needed everyday but customer still want to/have to keep. It could be clothes, Christmas and Diwali decorations, baby stuff, extra furniture, memorabilia, among a plethora of other things. It is also particularly useful for those renovating, moving or travelling extensively.

Space Valet offers Self and Valet Storage options. For Self Storage, they offer multiple sizes of completely secure units in a ventilated and clean facility to ensure goods are kept in the best possible condition. The facilities are built to international standards set out by the Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA). Customers can either go on to their website or call them at 02224188888 and reserve a unit of their choice. Moving and Packing partners are onboarded for customers who require an extra set of hands and packaging of more fragile items. The website features a digital inventory where customers can upload photos of their items as they are being stored so they don’t forget what is actually in the unit! For customers that prefer the delivery and pickup options there is a Box Storage plan. These durable plastic boxes are individually sealable and can be packed with smaller items that are not needed in the home. Space Valet will deliver empty boxes to you, once packed, they will be picked up and stored securely. Whenever they are needed back, the customer puts in a request online and selects a timeslot for delivery. It’s that simple!


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