Meet Haresh Mirpuri and his creation Aranyani

About the founder:
Mr. Haresh Mirpuri started his journey in the clothing industry when he joined his father in Indonesia in the Garment Manufacturing and Export Department. He started the spinning mill in 1996 and soon became the finest producer of Open End Yarn in Asia. The Plant went on to become the first plant in the world that was approved for production for Mudd Jeans, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Diesel, within the first three months of starting operations.


He also believed that education is an important investment towards prosperity. So, in addition to an MBA, he acquired degrees in Garment, Weaving and Spinning Technology from different parts of the world including Korea, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and Milwaukee. This exposure allowed him to interact with the Industry stalwarts like Martin Trust, Charles Ms. Murray, Yolanda Morell, Don Rogers, Mike Jeffreys of Abercrombie & Fitch, Denise Cox and most importantly, his guru, his father.

About the Aranyani:
ARANYANI, the brand, has taken inspiration from this story, and each bag design tells a different story of the various facets of the journey of ‘Aranyani’, the forest- queen. The collection has artisanal leather bags of hand-painted designs, which bring a unique forest-inspired experience to the discerning global connoisseur of luxury goods. Each bag is a one-of-a-kind design masterpiece, unique and without repetition. NO more than one item per design is released, at any point, for each city, which makes each masterpiece unique from any other. The brand also positioned to be one of few
championing the cause of cruelty-free industry standards.


The idea behind Aranyani :
The vision of Aranyani is to connect humankind to nature through our stories and works of Art. Fashion is a tool where the aranyani team craft artisanal bags to convey these stories and create timeless pieces of Art. They also want to bring back the culture of couture in the bags line at prices that are of great value. Each bag  carries a story or a message of sustainability and passion to our customer.

The journey till now
Aranyani has been able to reach out to a large segment of audience across India and USA. They have been able to get the people to recognize the high-quality standards of their bags. They have also been able to have the United Nations acknowledge on their sustainability attempts. One of the seven brands that have been selected as an example of conscious fashion at an event hosted by the UN on July 12th, 2018 ( This is a matter of pride them and the nation. these recognition only encourage them to work hard and do more R&D to create better products always.


Aranyani have notable clients like Vanessa Williams (of Desperate Housewives), Kathy Wakile, Alicia Quarles, Kerry Bannigan, Virwani Family of Embassy Group, Reshma Punj, and many other such HNI clients in the USA and India. Their journey has seen us grow to more than 200 HNI clients and looking forward to building greater experiential relationships across the globe.

Future plans
They are hoping to open up the doors of the wonderful Galleries in Bali for our products in this year. We are also working on ways and means to expand into Russia, France, UK, and Italy.


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