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Here is an extract from our meeting with Ravi Shankar Bilochi, CEO FellaFeeds, He talks about his idea about FellaFeeds,the services provided by Fellafeeds  and many other aspect of the business.

What was the idea behind FellaFeeds?
The idea came while working on my own Youtube channel Placement Interview where our main content is about helping people to crack interviews, exams, understand different job requirements, the different companies in their area of interest, etc. After an in-depth research, we came to the conclusion that today customer feedback, their complaints, and suggestions are a priority to any business but it is still restricted to pen and paper. Piles of paper are filled, dumped and go unrecorded. The solution to this was to come up with a digital platform which is hassle free not only customers to give their feedback but also for the businesses to take actions on the information gathered. Ravi Shankar Bilochi started FellaFeeds in March 2018 to help businesses gather this data in an effortless and constructive manner.


How do FellaFeeds work? And what sort of services it provides to the clients?
FellaFeeds is a feedback software, which enables the offline stores to get Customer’s feedback on digital devices and build their business on the basis of processed information. It also provides them easy access to digital advertising platforms like Facebook and AdWords to market and re-market their product/services to the effective target audience in a convenient manner.
The employee takes the feedback on the app installed in the tablet provided by us. This enables the business to track feedback in real-time and initiate actions like negative alerts and daily reports as and when required.
Once the data reaches the CRM, the software processes and presents it in an attractive way which easy to comprehend and can be used for remarketing purpose in terms of SMS, EMAIL, Loyalty Program, Facebook and Google Ads.

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How has been the response so far from the client side?
We have received an overwhelming response across many industries which include – salons, restaurants, Dry cleaning services, car service centers, etc. We have been appreciated by 100+ clients for building a cost and time effective tool to gather feedback between their daily business chores & operations. As a good Feedback and Loyalty program has become a necessity for any business today.

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What are the other services FellaFeeds provide to keep the client engaged?
We believe that a happy customer is a loyal customer. And our objective is to first help any business retain their customers and then to attract more from the crowd. FellaFeeds helps businesses to keep a close look on the customers’ experiences and grievances on every visit. This data helps them to analyze the performance and take corrective measures to send their customers satisfied on their next visit.
Also, the collected data is frequently used to increase business via reminder/recall campaigns, promotional campaigns, offers, vouchers, Birthday and Anniversary wishes and loyalty points redemptions, expiry, etc.
We save a lot of cost for our client on social media front by automated creatives, the good/positive feedback can be used as an auto-generated video to attract new customers, Gif and Image creatives which can be shared and scheduled on social media helps to market their services effectively.

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What is the revenue model of FellaFeeds?
We have a monthly and yearly subscription models where the store’s owner pays 1000 for a month on a basic plan, and as the store choose more features in marketing automation the price plan can go up to 3000 per month or more (depends on the features).

How do you see the future of this business model?
We see FellaFeeds as 1st choice of any offline business for any kind of customer management and marketing needs, where we are helping them to connect to their customers through both online and offline platforms, we will have a different subscription model from 1000 to 10000 Rupees per month depending on the size and need of the business. We are building features that cater to marketing needs for offline store, as of now we have Negative feedback alerts, customer report, employee/staff/department performance report, Email SMS and online promotion going ahead we will be making a lot of on AI, that will involve face recognition, Video content creation and Integration with Swiggy, Zomato, Google and Facebook review.

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What do you think the future holds for FellaFeeds?
We started out by onboarding restaurants, moved to salons and now are catering to dry cleaning services as well. Going ahead FellaFeeds is looking forward to opening gates to many more service industries keeping the software flexible by making additions and changes wherever required. We plan to onboard co-working spaces, hotels, car cleaning and services, retail shops, Jewellery showroom, cinema halls and a lot more not only within the Indian boundaries but globally as well.



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