Heeta U Parikh: Dare to dream big

Heeta U Parikh at the age of 34 years has achieved more than most people do in their careers. Founder of Silver Spun Brand Solutions, an integrated marketing and communications agency, she has taken her start-up from ground zero to a burgeoning public relations firm that has witnessed an impressive 300% growth rate. Silver Spun provides 360-degree marketing solutions to more than twenty clients that are handled by a team of ten dedicated people. But it all started with an entrepreneurial zeal Heeta decided to nurture, rather than ignore.


Today, she is considered a successful business woman as well as a motivating industry leader. However, her journey started when in 2013 she decided to quit her job at MTV channel to start her own venture. At that time, she herself did not realise how life-changing her bold decision would be, to move out of the comfort zone of daily grind and explore other opportunities to fulfil her dream of building a start-up.

It was during this interval when she was contemplating the idea of starting an integrated marketing company; a friend requested her assistance on an assignment. Impressed with Heeta’s excellent and intuitive performance, her friend helped her to get the PR mandate of Wafflist as her first project. Though she did not have any prior experience in the field of public relations, she decided to take on the project with a healthy dose of confidence, faith in her abilities and lots of focused research. For a few months, she did traditional PR from the comfort of her home which was her initial base of operations. However, to sustain a business, she realised that it is essential to build a brand identity. Thus, in October 2014 Silver Spun Brand Solutions came into being.

Gradually, Heeta shifted to her father’s office, and then finally, about last year, she invested into her own office space. Her company caters to the client servicing needs of well-known entities and brands such as Chef Amrita Raichand, Le Meridian, Tamarind Global, The Belgian Waffle Co, LB Industries, #Selfieccino, Oh! Fudge, The Color Run India, etc.
Having completed her schooling from Queen Mary School, one of the best rated ICSE schools in Mumbai, Heeta went on to HR College of Commerce and Economics for her Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) graduation degree. As she comes from a line of financial experts and charted accountants, she was diligently following similar footsteps of her family members. But during the course of her education she realised that her inclination was more oriented towards Media and Marketing. So, she pursued her post-graduation degree in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the prestigious Mumbai University (MU). After which, she received many offers from big companies like Coca Cola, Publicis Ambience and 92.7 Big FM, where she chose to join the latter most.
Her years of work experience helped her to build a professional networking base, which is a critical factor in the rise of Silver Spun through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Tried and tested by the fires of corporate structures, Heeta’s enterprising nature has brought her far in the world of PR. But as the CEO of a rapidly growing communications firm, Heeta had to quickly adapt to her role of a business leader as well. This evolution from a lone PR soldier to a comfortable team player and finally to a business leader is testament to her professional growth.

As new trends emerge in the Industry, banking on the promising growth of Silver Spun, Heeta now intends to foray in the field of digital content as well as talent management. Having made her mark in the field of public relations, she plans to explore the digital side of things where content is the new king. At the same time, she intends to mentor and guide the budding talent for PR that many young professionals have but don’t get the opportunity to utilise.

Like most people Heeta started her career where her job designation defined her capabilities. But unlike most people, she chose to accept the risks and walk the path less chosen. Needless to say, her faith and efforts paid off.


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