Meet Kolkata based Yoga Startup, The Kolkata Yoga Club

The Kolkata Yoga Club’ founded in mid-2017, is a Kolkata based startup  that has achieved success and commendable recognition in its very first year. The tagline of The Kolkata Yoga Club – ‘Yoga is the Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self’ is derived from the Bhagavad Gita. The founders believe that yoga, is a pure, determined force that moves us toward the mysterious and unknown, and connects us with the wonders of existence, of being and of all life itself.

Founders (left - Mathew Browne & right - Jimmy shroff)

Initially bootstrapped by Founders Mr. Mathew Browne and Mr. Jimmy Shroff, the Kolkata Yoga Club like any other startup overcame many impediments. Some challenges were in the form of capital while others were related to employees, clients, space etc. But, it is often said that we don’t find yoga, but yoga finds us. Tables turned in a matter of months after  J. Alam and M. Ariff joined as partners with seed fund of 50 Lakhs and The Kolkata Yoga Club received an amazing response from customers interested in health and wellness.

Now, the organization has over two hundred and fifty active customers and offers services such as Yoga, Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Spa, Zumba etc., all in the comfort of your home as well as their exclusive studios. Weekend Yoga Retreats are also a feather in their cap.  A team of over 75 Certified and experienced Yoga trainers and Physiotherapists deliver these services seamlessly.

The Kolkata Yoga club has also partnered with multiple gyms and studios across Kolkata to offer the same services at lower price to make it affordable to many. A yoga at home package would cost somewhere around ₹4000 for a month, however, one can get the same for ₹1500 at one of their studios.

The Kolkata Yoga club now generates a steady revenue of around 10 lakhs a month and having an operating cost of almost half its revenue undoubtedly makes them a successful startup.

For the four founders, the risk paid off and are now focusing on Marketing strategies to make The Kolkata Yoga Club a household name.

The Kolkata Yoga Club is presently preparing for multiple yoga events throughout the International Day of Yoga which falls on 21 June 2018.

“People now know about the importance of yoga, we get multiple calls each day for yoga trainers at home and at the club. So if you are not already practicing yoga, I suggest you get started immediately. This International Day of Yoga, make a resolution, and get on with it”.

Mathew Browne – Founder & CEO, The Kolkata Yoga Club


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