The story behind Payal Keyal’s outfit

Born in an illustrious business family of textile Payal has always been eager to learn about fabrics, textiles, patterns and colors. Her taste is unique as she loves to explore traditions and modernism in tune with forward looking fashion.

After completing her studies from ARCH ACADEMY of Design, she got married to a well know designer and soon started her own designs and developed her own line of luxurious bridal wear, ethnic and modern in an array of colors from lively and eye catching to neutral and sophistically understated.

Payal Keyal

“I want to revive the need and demand for ethinic wears. I am trying to bring out more design relevant to culture by mixing textures, making the outfit interesting by playing around with motifs,” She says.

Also she added “In the industry with many upcoming designers speeding up with new designs collection it is indeed a challenge, but this has never led me down. I was born to create unique designs. Although that often results in the designer struggling to manage her time, she confessed that it is worth it to see women wear her clothes. It gives me great pride to see women wear my dresses; this is truly my greatest accomplishment.”

With its recent launch on March 2017, Payal Keyal is gaining rapid popularity in a very short notice. Based in the heart of Delhi, her label won over quite a few heartbeats. Her attires showcase her eloquent talent of redefining grace and beauty. With choicest hues, exclusive designs, and intricate detailing Payal Keyal brings life to every outfit and ignites the fashion diva within starting from celebrities to influencers her designs have flown the persona of every individual who is wearing them.

Clients of Payal Design are posh, her designs has been worn by bollywood celebrities like Neha Dhupia, Sophie Chaudhary, Urvashi Rautela ,Shruti Pathak, Harshdeep Kaur and few other more. Talking about her outfits she also have worked with clients from different countries like London, US etc

“I don’t design clothes I design dreams, style is something each of us already has, all you need to do is to find it”.

Her vision for the future is to design and find products that define her style and personality targeting every bride and loyal clientele. With the Planning to expand the business with new stores and new collection


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