Meet Interior Designer brother sister duo Ayushi Kanodia and Parakh Jindal of Ayushi Kanodia Designs

About the founders and their startup
What started out as a passion for all things interior and design when her own house was being done has since turned into a successful interior and furniture design firm with clients from all over the country. Ayushi Kanodia is a Mumbai based independent interior designer. She graduated with a 2 year course in interior design from Rachna Sansad, Mumbai and completed her masters in interiors and furniture design from Srishti school of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.

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Ayushi Kanodia took her first step into the field of interiors by working with Reshma Chabbaria. She acquired hands on experience with properties such as Sea Princess hotel at Juhu, stores and wineshop outlets (Johnny Walker) and such other residential and commercial properties in Juhu , Santacruz, etc.After her one year stint, Ayushi proceeded to work with Prem Nath and Associates. While working with them for 3 years she not only worked closely with the vice-president of Prem Nath and Associates but also handled residential and commercial properties across the city.


After 4 years of intensive training and experience, Ayushi Kanodia decided to take on the entrepreneur route and branched out on her own under her brand name – Ayushi Kanodia Designs (AKD), Today AKD provides a full interior and furniture design service for everything from large scale residences to commercial complexes. With her use of natural elements, textures and brushed metals Ayushi and her team of architects and designers work together seamlessly to bring your dream space to reality.

How idea came into existence
After gaining a ton of experience, I decided that it was time to start my own company. I wanted to build a company that could build trusting relationships with clients and was highly transparent. That’s how Ayushi Kanodia Designs was born where we provided end to end interior solutions for the client. We always told the client that we would be giving your home for your house warming itself. The home should be an extension of yourself, your personality and should portray who you are as a person. It should make you feel warm and comfortable and that’s what exactly we went for.

Greek Home - German Design Award

The journey till now
The journey for me has been really nice. From the moment I started working, everyday was a learning experience. In my industry, 20% is designing by 80% is all about the execution. Getting the right contractors, the right vendors on board as well as the selection of materials and the prices attached to it is all during execution phase. Hence, becoming an expert in the technicalities of design is very much important for everyone to take you seriously. Through my varied experience of working and building my own company from scratch the journey has been eventful and amazing everyday!

Their future plan
Our future plan definitely involves opening offices in different parts of India so that we can cater to clientele outside of Mumbai as well. Currently we provide all the designing services for our clients outside Mumbai, but soon once we start opening offices in different cities we would be able to provide our designing and execution services to our clients.


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