This Gurgaon Couple Travelled to 7 countries at unbelievably cheap price

Recently, an Indian couple (Astha- AKA Newfangled Girl & Atishay) from Gurugram have revealed these travel secrets, what has made their 3 months of trip at extremely cheap price. They have travelled to 7 countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos & Thailand. Including all the international flights, domestic flights, visa, accommodations & good, they have managed to complete the trip under Rs 90K per person. Yes, it’s true – Check How?


Travel Secret No 1. – Take Your Flight from another city.
This is the most unbelievable hack which has saved more than 20,000 INR on a return flight from India to Malaysia. The trick was simple. In their case (the origin city was New Delhi), they found that flying from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur was 12K and from Jaipur to Kuala Lumpur, it was around 6K, so they have saved 5,000 here on a one-way ticket for 1 person. They took a bus from Delhi to Jaipur which costs around Rs 600 only.


Travel Secret No 2. – Travel with less baggage
Yes, you can save a lot of money if you do not take your 15KG check-in bag during your flight. There is an option to deselect it at the end of the payment page (Flights like AirAsia provides an option to travel only with 7KG of cabin baggage). This can make your trip easier and cheaper too because it’s easy to walk with fewer weights.


Travel Secret No 3. –Stay & eat for free while doing volunteering work
This sounds unbelievable but yes it’s true that you can stay for free when you are on a world trip. They have registered themselves on a website “” which provides the opportunity to volunteer and help local communities in return they provide you stay & food for free. But, this needs encouragement & some skills on which you have expertise. It could be anything like teaching, cooking, blogging, photography, writing, etc. this helps you to learn about the local culture better, as you stay with local people by doing this.


Travel Secret No 4. – Local Transport
There are various options which can get make your local transport free or unbelievably cheap. So, before you take any cab, train or local bus, make sure you check if the city has a free bus or any other complementary service – There are cities like Kuala Lumpur which offers free bus ride across the entire city. There are places like Phnom Penh which has a free boat ride from one place to another. You can also try to hitch-hike and can travel by getting free lifts in passing vehicles. Most of the countries are safe to take the lift from the strangers.

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They are safely returned with lots of learning and memories. The people who have the courage to take a chance to experience the beautiful world in a different way always make their own way.


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