How I quit my job and became full time Blogger: Shambhavi Mishra

“Nothing great will ever happen in your comfort zone.” That’s exactly what I told myself in year 2016 and I am so glad that I followed my instincts of becoming my own boss. Yes that’s what blogging does to you : You are your boss, Your Office boy, You Business partner, Your cameraman ,Your technician , Your social media manager and your only whole & soul that can actually push you to work harder and harder. While 80 % of the world is sitting on their work desk on their office staring at computer, A blogger is out their experiencing the world and capturing it in their camera.


Anyway coming to my story on why and how I left my perfect every one’s dream job in the biggest media house of the country and became Full fledged Blogger.So , I started my career as a journalist in 2008 and worked as fashion and lifestyle journalist with biggest of media houses for good 8 years. I was at a point where I wasn’t doing anything exceptional, Nothing really kicked me, I knew this is high time that I start something of my own. To be honest, I knew nothing apart from storytelling and therefore one fine day I kind of decided to move to digital media. In 2016, I finally took a plunge and left my full time job to do something which was just in my mind. I knew nothing about blogging, social media , influencing etc etc. All I knew that I wanted to review products, share my experience , share my thoughts with people and I personally feel that not knowing enough actually worked in my favour. I was a story teller and I continued to be one. I always knew where lies my interest and thankfully because of my work experience, People in the media industry already knew me. I kind of did not face any big hiccup during the initial stage of my blogging. I also realized that I cannot really ignore the social media so I started interacting more on social media and developed a strategy over a period of time.


It was during these initial days only that decided that I am going to make sure that I stick to my niche and not do anything and everything like any other blogger. I always had an inclination towards gharelu nuskhe and Beauty industry in india Is also growing rapidly. We all want to look beautiful, it is one topic Which connects with everyone , Be it 50 year old women or a 15 year old girl. On one hand where I wanted to write about beauty , But at the same time I wanted to only convey what I truly believe in . Therefore I chose to only do ethical beauty blogging where I only promote Cruelty Frese, Vegan products. I also added bit of My personal style which is as moody as I am.

After all these years, I realized that your audience wants nothing but you to be real and honest with them. I have strongly turned down assignments which are not inline with my ethics or which expect me to pose or behave in certain way. I only and only promote brands which I Personally believe in.

I think it’s the art of weaving stories and knack of sharing experiences which gets you good audience support. Atleast In my case, being interactive really worked Even during my initial days. Today my blog garners thousands of views every month and I have a following of close to a lac all across the platforms.

By Shambhavi Mishra, Talk Sassy


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