Selfstudy: bridging the gap between learning and and mastering concept

The Trio behind
Persainjit Singh, Prateek Singh and Swati Gupta started Selfstudy with the powerful idea that any student can crack whatever exams they set their mind to. They successfully run coaching institutes in Jaipur and Kota along with spearheading Selfstudy online learning platform.

Persainjit Singh: Chief Executive Officer
Persainjit has a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay. After graduating in the year 2006, he worked at Schlumberger oil services for more than 1 year and moved to AT Kearney and worked as a management consultant. Persainjit founded Plaksa coaching institute with Prateek in 2012 which incubated the idea of Selfstudy.

Prateek Singh: Chief Operating Officer
Prateek after completing his MBA started a coaching institute for students preparing for JEE exam in 2012. Addressing the daily academic requirements of students gives Prateek a unique perspective in creating and delivering educational content.

Swati Gupta: Head of Customer Delight
Swati is a serial entrepreneur with a couple of successful businesses in her kitty. She runs an event management company and has invested in beauty startup Vanity Cube. She leverages her experience in managing customer relations and supporting business development efforts.

Prateek Singh (COO), Persainjit Singh (CEO), Swati Gupta (Head of Customer Delight)

How Selfstudy came into existence
The Eureka moment behind the inception of Selfstudy (registered as Examable Elearning Pvt. Ltd), an online learning platform that bridges the gap between learning and mastering concepts in the December of 2017. The founders Persainjit Singh, Prateek Singh, and Swati Gupta started the platform with the powerful idea that any student can crack whatever exams they set their mind to. Their experience of running coaching institutes in Jaipur and Kota and competing with national brands like FIITJEE, Akash, and Allen helped the founders in observing and understanding the actual problems faced by students.

How they fare till now
Since its inception in Dec 2017, the team has booked approximately INR 50 lacs in revenues. The number of users since inceptions has grown more than 50,000 with 25,000 active users spending 30 minutes on the platform. Our B2C sales have grown at a rate of 100% MoM in last quarter. Our product is getting positive feedback and acceptability from both B2B (School/Institute) and B2C (students). We have successfully sold our product to big institutes and well as state governments. funding, if applicable: Since its inception, Selfstudy has managed to raise INR 1 crore in angel funding and has generated INR 50 lakh in revenue.

How future lookslike 
Selfstudy is committed to build engaging content catering to complete K-12 courseware which will increase its addressable market size. They are also working towards to raise seed funding of USD 2 million to build a team of experts in 10 major cities in India in the next 12 months.


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