Luvstay has clocked $1 million revenue in the FY 2017-18

While most Indian startups are struggling to make revenues Luvstay has disrupted the hospitality industry by clocking $1 million revenue in the FY 2017-18. Luvstay which is In-dia’s First budgeted couple – friendly hotel chain is breaking the taboos around love, sex and relationships even LGBTs. This year they have added more than 600 hotel properties pan India and expanding to other cities like Agra, Amritsar, Faridabad, Kochi, Vijayawada

Luvstay Team

“According to IAMAI projection the country will have 478 millions web users with million of young users looking to connect through mobile devices”. Thus increasing usage of smartphones has helped Luvstay to expand fast with 50,000 number of downloads and 5000 number of visitors on their web page daily. The competition in this segment is inten-sifying but Luvstay has already captured market share, now aims to target the Tier-2 & 3 cities in the next financial year. ”

Nishchhal Bharadwaj, Co founder & COO of Luvstay observed that the millennials them-selves appreciate their concept and visit their properties which has helped them to break this existing taboo amongst the society and achieve this kind of revenue within no time. They don’t see premarital sex as a crime or taboo. Infact, they believe in knowing more about their partners before they get into this huge institution of marriage.

He also, observed that most of the parents think that such concept is exposing their chil-dren to a wrong culture but Luvstay as a concept wanted tot break this myth and provide a positive mind set like creating awareness on practices of safe sex, AIDS and STDs. Thus we plan to conduct workshops in schools and colleges on these critical issues.

Mayank Sahai, has a first hand experience with Luvstay says, It’s a very novel idea as In-dians shy away from talking about love, sex and relationships. He praises the concept as there is a demond and people of his age needs privacy and non judgement from orthodox mindsets. He also adds that love is love and the society should accept it and change their views on the same.


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