Debut author Rajiv Grover’s book ‘God Won’t Help’ discusses the true purpose of life

Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company, has published an insightful book God Won’t Help written by debut author Rajiv Grover.

Rajiv is a passionate writer and has contributed to national business publications in the past. Through his first book, he aims to help people discover a spiritual journey towards joy, happiness and self-motivation by exploring the most pertinent question – What is the purpose of life? The book will surely provide solace to those who are lost in streams of life and are always seeking answers from the Almighty for the unfairness and caprices of their lives.

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The narrative is set in war-torn Kabul where Shiv, a frustrated civil engineer from Mumbai, and Nasir, a Pashtun from Afghanistan meet Jim, a former US Army man. On an evening spent together, Shiv and Nasir share their frustrations and miseries with Jim and describe how disheartened they are with life. What follows is a passionate discourse from Jim about the purpose of life and how each one of us could bring about a state of permanent joy and bliss in our lives.

The author has weaved the storyline so beautifully that each and every page of the book talks about spreading positivity, boosting self-confidence and omitting negativity, ego, anger, greed and so on. Speaking about the book, the author said, “Whenever something goes wrong in our life we always beg God or blame God. We hold everyone else responsible for all the unpleasant incidents we face. However, we ourselves do so many things in our lives which hamper our own as well as others’ happiness. In today’s fast-paced life we are so self-centered and materialistic that we have forgotten the true purpose of life. The smallest defeat itself makes us very upset. The book is a humble attempt to lead the reader towards a state of permanent joy and happiness and elevate his or her soul to a higher level. I hope readers will find this book helpful and will look at life differently.”

God Won’t Help is currently out and available on Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Press bookstore and e-version available on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Google playstore. Grab a copy soon to understand the true meaning and purpose of life.


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