Anand Sarkar and his romance with Bubble Tea

Adnan Sarkar discovered the taste of bubble tea on one of his trips to South East Asia. The slight aberration to the experience of drinking tea got the better of him and he realised that it was a drink Mumbai would love to experiment with.

But then, bubble tea had already made its debut in India by the time Adnan thought of bringing it to the city in 2015. The chains that served it till then hadn’t received a very upbeat response from Indians who had typical taste buds when it came to tea.

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Nevertheless, the young entrepreneur knew the exact pulse of the tea drinking habits of Indians. He realised that the beverage could find takers in India only if it was tailor made to suit Indian palates. If the tea stuck only to providing tapioca boba – which is the chief ingredient of the original bubble tea – it could not garner much fan following because tapioca boba is slightly bland for the Indian taste. Adnan ensured that the first outlet of Dr Bubbles opened its doors to the public only after a lot of meticulous research and he himself assumed multiple roles during the process. From designing the Dr. Bubbles logo to custom building the machinery to get the drinks just right, Adnan was a part of everything. To cater to Indian taste buds, Adnan gave a makeover of sorts to the original bubble tea by adding fruit jelly and fruit-flavoured poppers to the milk and fruit teas.

Hailing from a construction company background, starting Dr Bubbles was an experiment for Adnan that paid off. But the initial days were not without strife. Yet, he stuck to his three mantras to get it going– right marketing, awareness and customer relations. The first month, Adnan personally sat around, interacting with customers and asking for reactions. This habit rubbed off on his staff as well who learnt to deal with people the same way, answering all their questions about bubble tea.

In 2016, Dr Bubbles started off from Bandra Hill Road as a brand that serves Bubbles Teas in fruity flavors, but now they have expanded to more than 150 types of products which included different flavors of Iced Teas, Iced Coffees, Yogurt Shakes, Milkshakes, Waffles and Mini-Pancakes too, & regular hot Teas and Coffee too.

Currently operating in 35 different location across the country, this bootstrap is planning to achieve a target of 100 outlet across India by the end of next year


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