Meet Sambhavna Vasant, Founder, the one stop shop for Bath and Body products

About Sambhavna Vasant, Founder
Sambhavna is the eldest of the three children in her family. She has done her schooling from G D Goenka Public School in New Delhi and did Business Management in the US and then moved back to Delhi and finished her degree in B.Sc Business Management from UK’s Bradford University affiliated IILM, New Delhi.

Sambhavna Vasant, Founder

She has seen her parents come to New Delhi, from their hometown in Gujarat when she was just a child and seen them build their lives from scratch. Being from a business background, she has always been a part of any discussion in her home related to work. This is what inspired her to join her father’s business when she was just 21 and learn her way around things. At 22, she was put in charge of a new project by her father’s company. It was a 3000 sq ft gourmet food retail store at the Mumbai International Airport. Without much experience in import or retail, she jumped on the opportunity and made what’s best out of it. From the store interiors to the product selection, to staff hiring and training and other day to day store operations, she did it all. The store shut down in 2017 after 5 years of operations due to the airport being renovated. She took away so much from that experience. She learned that failure is a part of life and needs to be taken lightly. Her father always encouraged her to go and get what she wants. She was always treated as his first born son in the house and her ideas and inputs were always encouraged and heard on. She has worked as a brand manager for 8 years before she partnered with Rose & Company and Patisserie De Bain.

What triggered
The idea of Bath It Up came to her when she was still looking after her first project shut down. It just came to her from her own interest in different and new Bath and Body products. She was one day ordering a bath and body brand for personal use from Amazon and realized the absurd prices the local importers were quoting for the parallel imported products. She then decided to use her father’s expertise and contacts on import and bring International Bath and Body brands and products to India with exclusive partnership and distribution. Bath It Up also makes sure to bring the brands at the most affordable prices to themselves and the customers both. thrives to be one of the unique website’s that has tapped into the consumer beauty and personal care sector that is still very new and raw in India. Her company has officially tied up with two UK brands and imports and retails them on the website and is in talks with many other International brands to bring them on board with them. She plans to expand the website with brands and products for women, men, mom’s to be, bath accessories and whatever more comes her way!

BathItUp began because of Sambhavna’s love of Bath and Body products and the serious necessity of skin friendly range of products for the body, mind and soul! At BathItUp it is  believed that “a good bath is as important as a good night’s sleep”

Started with bringing in two amazing brands from the UK, Rose & Co and Patisserie De Bain. These brands are made in UK and are cruelty free and vegan friendly! Bathitup soon received a great response and since then they decided to explore further. It handpicked a beautiful curation of like minded organic Indian brands who were happy to join hands with bathitup. Within a year it is now a sustainable platform curating Indian and International brands together offering the best of skin and body care solutions to its clients. They are passionate about propagating the finest ethical beauty brands that utilizes only the purest natural, organic and fair trade ingredients that are proven to be safe. journey since inception
Being around for over a year and have added 10 more amazing Indian brands to its kitty apart from International brands Rose & Co and Patisserie De bain. The response  received from customers is overwhelming.

What lies ahead aims to be a one stop shop for all things bath, body and beauty under one roof and soon will be available for all Globally! It aims at selecting brands which believe in contributing to make a difference in today’s social and environmental issues. Bath it up is strictly cruelty free and all partner brands share the same ideology a when it comes to sustainable and cruelty free body care and beauty! with a vision to create an awareness globally by introducing locally crafted niche products abroad and vice versa.



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