5 Common Fertility Mistakes Couples Commit

Dr R K Sharma
Dr R K Sharma

Many patients around the world have realized their dreams of parenthood with so many fertility treatments available. However, mistakes do happen as they do in any area of medicine. What is important is learning lessons from mistakes that hinder in your way of conceiving a baby. No matter, how much you try the good news dodges you every single time. Possibly, you are making common fertility mistakes like many couples do. A baby in the family brings about a lot of joy and happiness and gives the parents a chance to relive their childhood again.

When to suspect fertility problems have cropped up?

There is nothing to panic about infertility. It might not be as big problem as you’re thinking. There are common fertility mistakes couples make. Have a look at the points mentioned below:

  1. Do not ever blame yourself. The reason why you are not able to conceive could be because of medical conditions. So, it is recommended to see a specialist and get to the root cause of the problems so that you get the solution timely.
  2. When you are planning for a baby you’re taking the big major step of your life. You need to make sure that you get rid of these bad habits hindering in your way of happiness and peaceful life. These are smoking, drugs, improper lifestyle and drinking. These should be strictly avoided, this way you will able to lead a healthy routine life.
  3.  Not every woman goes through the same menstrual cycle. This crops up the question, whether you are trying at the right time. Go back to the 14 days from the day your menstrual cycle begins since this is the favorable fertility period. Thus, depending on your fertility period you can easily decide on the most appropriate timing.
  4.   Undoubtedly, stress is can affect both men and women. While it can affect the menstrual cycle of a woman it can also affect the sperm production in a man. So, do not take stress if you are not able to conceive as it could be a cause of your eluding happiness.
  5. Check for yourself if you are going to a doctor on time. You could either be going too late or too early. If nothing seems to be working for you then schedule an appointment with a doctor.    

Authored by – Brigadier Dr R K Sharma VSM is former Prof HoD Command Hospital (Southern Command) AFMC Pune & Army Hospital (R&R) Delhi


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