Success Story: Chetna Vasishth, Founder-ChetChat

46Chetna Vasishth is the founder of ChetChat, India’s largest online talk show in the career and education space. In a short span of 3 years, they have more than 170 video interviews, over 50,000 subscribers and above 2.8 million views.

ChetChat is a one of a kind career-oriented channel featuring students and experts speaking about their journey of becoming lawyers, doctors, designers, chartered accountants, dentists, entrepreneurs, CEOs or even prosthetic designers. They also share their experiences from universities around the globe like Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia, Oxford, University of Toronto. They speak about cracking top exams like the UPSC, CLAT, IBPS and CA entrances. You will also find videos from students pursuing pure passions like dancing, art, singing and scuba diving etc.

Chetna did her post graduate studies from XLRI, Jamshedpur and became a corporate banker.  She worked with some of India’s largest MNC banks for the first ten years of her professional career. The birth of my son saw her take a break from the corporate world.  She then taught at various MBA Schools like IIM (Bangalore), NMIMS, IIPM, NITIE etc. and also founded a training company, Learning Tree, where she trained bankers both within India as well as overseas.

Having been in the field of education for over a decade, she realized that students across India lack for authentic information. Most students and parents sadly make misinformed choices and career counsellors are either very few or very expensive. So, she thought, why not create a platform wherein we could interview students and experts and share their genuine views directly with students and parents.

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube in the education arena but Chetna had a vision to be different and set three ground rules that ChetChat would always follow

Student Centric Always keeping the student at the centre of everything. Whenever, there was a discussion on which topic to cover, which video to make first and which question to ask, the acid test was always about what students really need and how much authentic information can we give them

Quality Conscious Being highly selective about the people they interviewed and ensure high quality discussions. They have invested in high end equipment to ensure that the video quality is very high as well

Research Oriented The information is deeply researched and genuine. This makes their videos different from some of the others on YouTube which sometimes be more casual

Chetna’s goal was to provide free videos for students across the world to help them make informed career choices. Soon she realised that soon students from over 100 countries around the world started tuning in for genuine guidance and they all started reaching out to her. Every day, Chetna and her team spend a considerable amount of time every day in answering student questions personally and provide substantial guidance for free.

Some months ago, The New Indian express named her as one of the 18 people to watch out for in 2018. She has also been speaking at various forums to groups of students and recently also gave a TEDx talk at ADMC Pune titled ‘How to Future Proof your Career.

Chetna believes that ‘The youth are our biggest asset and I see them struggling to get basic information on their career plans, future goals and jobs. If we can shine a torchlight and set them on the right path, sooner or later, they will discover their own light for the rest of their journey’. Her goal is to invite every inspirational leader, celebrity and change agent on ChetChat and give them a platform to address the youth of the world to guide them, motivate them and inspire them.


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