Mystery Rooms to launch at glued reloaded, Noida

IMG_3178Noida: They bring you the opportunity to sweat your brain muscles a little.  Fun filled experience provides you with riddles and puzzles that will brush your bonding skills and sharpen your brain. These live game setups hone people’s aptitude for observation. Therefore, whether it is a cryptic clue or a necessary part of the puzzle hiding in plain sight, you and your mates will have fun together searching for it and unlocking the next level.

Opening exclusively in Glued reloaded, Noida, Mystery Rooms is sure to challenge your skills to race against the clock where the sole motive is to get yourself out of a theme based room before time kicks you out! Imagine being locked in a thrill space with your team and you have exact 60 minutes to use logic, solve puzzles, find hints, and prove the power of team work to pave your path to freedom. Its as easy as its hard.. everything you need to escape is inside the room waiting to meet your eyes! Just analyse, interpret and conclude!

Owner of Glued Reloaded, Vikram Narula, says,   “The concept of mystery rooms  is very unique and thrilling, but not at all dangerous and it does not contain any horror element. It requires no physical exertion and is suitable for ages 10-77. It is an exciting team-building activity for corporates and a fulfilling fun experience for couples, friends and families.”


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