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Mr. Viswanath Raju, Co-founder & Head of Marketing at Mojhi
Mr. Viswanath Raju

Leisure travelers who would choose to go on a long tour to Tasmania or Bali are now jumping on to the adventure bandwagon to feel the kick of adrenaline. The tourism industry contributes 9% to India’s overall GDP and is likely to increase exponentially by the year 2030. However, the Indian Adventure Travel industry is highly fragmented as compared to that of other European countries. In fact, the Indian adventure market is running short of organized players and competent infrastructure. There is not much of resources available regarding credible adventure tour operators available or even a platform to compare and choose the best adventure.

Usually in India, a tour is planned and booked with a familiar tour operator only after the consultation with friends and family for a suitable destination. However, this is not the culture abroad where the complete tour planning process is digital only. As nearly 73% of global adventure travelers first do a thorough research of exciting adventure destinations, reliable tour operators, and the best packages offered online, the international tour operators are well-organized and have a strong online presence, especially if they are from developed countries.

Netizens in India, do not have as much of an easy access to the information about trending adventure destinations and the costs involved in booking. And, therefore the Indian adventure market is in a dire need of technologically backed online marketplaces which can simplify the cumbersome task of planning an adventure trip. Right from selecting a destination till getting a confirmation of the booking. One such leading transparent and digital adventure marketplace is Mojhi which connects customers to the international and local tour operators. There is no easy way to compare adventure tour packages from local tour operators or to book these tours online. Mojhi aims to solve this issue, by offering packages from verified operators for clients to easily compare and book the adventure online. At, the users can find popular predefined adventure tour packages, as well as tailor their very own package as per their interests and budget.

Founded in 2015 by four white water kayakers— Greeshmanth, Viswanath, Naveen, and Bhavpreet, Mojhi brings the people struck by wanderlust in contact with the wilderness, beauty, and thrill of adventure destinations in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Dubai, East Africa and Southern African countries. Headquartered in Bangalore, Mojhi has a large network of 4000 verified local tour operators across the world. The adventure consultants at Mojhi assist the dicey enthusiasts in zeroing on the suitable pick for their adventure.

Mojhi’s full-blown inventory of adventure tours such as Kilimanjaro Trek, Safari in Tanzania, Safari in Kenya, Safari in Botswana, Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Safari in South Africa, Everest Base Camp Trek, etc., is accessible and open for all. Users can sort, compare, and book the adventure tours, and instantly request for the quote. With a quick turnaround time and a commendable tour recommendation algorithm, Mojhi provides the users with three or five choices of adventure tours in a certain price range which is comfortable for you. As per the preferences shared by the users in terms of prices, time duration, activities, etc., expert consultants at Mojhi hand-pick the best packages from verified local tour operators and specifically customize the quote accordingly.

Mojhi recorded the Gross transaction value for 2017 as INR 45 crores. To surpass it by the end of this year, Mojhi is striving to expand their reach to more African and South American countries. It is also working on adding more outdoor travel categories to its offerings and onboard more tour operators to its inventory. Leveraging the latest technological advances such as AI and Machine Learning, Mojhi is planning to automate all business processes from as basic as responding to common client queries to as advanced as centralized consolidation of transactions through agents and customers.

(Authored by Mr. Viswanath Raju, Co-founder of


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