Weekend chit chat with Ajay Rajpal

Ajay Rajpal, Lead of That Good Ugly Day
Ajay Rajpal

Here is an extract from our weekend chit chat with raising star Ajay Rajpal, He talks about his new web series, his interest in acting, his future plans and many other aspect of the life.

You have a well-established business! What made you start this series?

With a post-graduate degree in Management and having spent over a decade in business consultancy for automotive, aviation and BFSI brands in Australia & India among various corporates, branding fashion labels wasn’t serious business for me. As an artist, I performed in a video song composed & produced by famous Indian Idol singer Amit Vyas. I have even showered my charisma on the glamorous ramps crafted to market fashion labels for designers Vaibhav Mehta, Rahul Dhankhar, RV & Mira. I respect and appreciate creativity. Film-making is a creative process and disseminating social messages through digital production is progression. My sporty spirit is what keeps me going. Exploration is in my genes and with the production of That Good Ugly Day, I give wings to my dreams.

Are you planning to move into Bollywood too?

I have worked with Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh starrer Phillauri, where I played a character that gave me significant exposure to Bollywood production. And being optimistically opportunist, I open-heartedly welcome meaningful roles in the film and television industry. It’s a popular belief that there are seven look-alikes in the world. I am often compared with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, one of the most charismatic actors in the industry.

How much have you spent in launching your first series?

We are still investing good amount of time, energy and resources in research, ideation, planning, execution and spreading mass awareness through our web series – That Good Ugly Day. Each episode is unique, and we are handling each of it uniquely.

Watch the trailer of That Good Ugly Day

What are your expectations in terms of revenue?

We are at the initial stage and establishing ourselves in the industry. This market is unorganized and cluttered.  It’s too early to comment on numbers. However, our priority is to stand out of the box at this point of time.

Do you think it’s a clash with other web series and how it will affect your film?

As I mentioned, our content is unique. That Good Ugly Day is based on real life events and incidents. Each episode is different. We are portraying it ethically keeping media & entertainment laws in mind. Explore the unexplored is the only goal of all our episodes.

End number of series are coming on YouTube every day, how are you planning to promote it?

Since the series is for a web world, we have a robust digital strategy. However, we have a strong media mix plan to amplify it with a 360-degree approach.

During the shooting of the series, did you face any heat or interruption from the vigilance department?

In web series, content is always uncontrolled unlike movies. Yet on the flipside web series content is well-described as they are episode-driven and considering the length of episodes the amount of openness and the amount of smut used varies from script to script. Around 80 per cent viewers prefer the episodes to be crisp, short length yet impactful for which the filmmaker tries to keep the content attractive. To ensure content doesn’t get negative with censor and other authorities filmmakers of web series try and use the two-way content. However, web series – That Good Ugly Day is based on real life events and incidents, hence the objective is to spread mass awareness about various social issues, so we ensure that our content looks ethical to all kinds of audiences.



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