Safexpress launches its 35th ultra-modern Logistics Park in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Safexpress, India’s largest supply chain & logistics company, has launched its ultra-modern Logistics Park in Bengaluru. This state-of-the-art facility is strategically located on National Highway 75. On this occasion, senior dignitaries from Safexpress were present to launch the Safexpress Logistics Park at Bengaluru. These included Mr. Rubal Jain, Managing Director, Safexpress, Mr. Vineet Kanaujia, Vice President – Marketing, Mr. S.K Jain, Chief of Administration and Mr. PS Narayan, Regional Manager – Karnataka.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Mr Rubal Jain, Managing Director, Safexpress said, “With an economic growth of over 10%, Bengaluru is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India. It is the country’s fourth largest FMCG market. The city is a hub for biotechnology related industry in India, and several biotechnology companies are located here. Being one of the largest industrial hubs of India, Bengaluru is a crucial location from supply chain & logistics perspective. Keeping this in mind, Safexpress has established its state-of-the-art Logistics Park at Bengaluru. This Logistics Park will serve as a nodal point for supply chain & logistics in South India. This facility is based at a strategic location, and has strong connectivity with all South Indian states.”

Explaining about how this Logistics Park will enable economic growth in the Karnataka region, Mr. Rubal Jain said, “We have made a significant investment to set up this world-class Logistics infrastructure in Bengaluru. The development of Safexpress Logistics Park in Bengaluru has been done on a land area of over 1.25 million square feet. This Logistics Park is enabled with state-of-the-art transhipment and 3PL facilities. This will boost the industrial growth of this region. Supply chain & Logistics has a very crucial role to play in the development of numerous industries spread all over Karnataka. Safexpress Logistics Park at Bengaluru will help greatly in minimising the infrastructure gaps and serve the supply chain & logistics requirements of the entire Karnataka region.”

Mr. Jain remarked, “The Logistics Park enables loading & unloading of over 260 vehicles simultaneously, which ensures smooth and uninterrupted movement of goods. Operations at the Logistics Park are highly streamlined, which ensures the country’s fastest transit-time from Bengaluru to over 620 destinations across India. The Logistics Park has a columnless span of over 150 feet, which facilitates uninterrupted movement of goods within the facility. To enable all-weather loading & unloading of goods, the facility is equipped with a 16 feet wide Cantilever Shed. The Logistics Park has state-of-the-art firefighting equipment and trained manpower to deal with any emergencies.”

Speaking about the USP of the Logistics Park, Mr. Jain said,” This facility is a perfect mix of nature-friendly initiatives and technology. Safexpress has taken special environment-friendly initiatives at the Logistics Park by investing in rainwater harvesting system, developing a special green zone and using natural sunlight during the daytime to conserve energy. We have developed robust IT systems to increase operational efficiencies and inventory visibility. Located strategically on National Highway 75, the Logistics Park fulfils the warehousing needs of companies located in and around Karnataka.”

Mr. Rubal Jain concluded by saying, “In this GST era, more and more companies are adopting newer business and supply chain models. We at Safexpress, offer our clients path-breaking innovations alongside customised services. Safexpress is leading the GST revolution and is helping innumerable companies in enhancing their business growth faster than ever. Most companies are now choosing to outsource their supply chain & logistics needs to a 100% GST compliant 3PL service provider like Safexpress, while keeping their own warehousing and hub infrastructure to minimal levels. Across India, Safexpress is presently creating 7 more Logistics Parks, which are in various stages of development at the moment.”


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