A chair that moves like the way you move

Newspopx_chairThe idea for SILQ was clear; we wanted to create a chair that’s simple, more organism than machine. One that operates intuitively and invites the human body to participate in the experience.

According to a Steelcase study titled, Inside Innovation, workers are looking for spaces that support informal interactions and enable focused work. About 38% want more access to private spaces and 37% want better ergonomics. SILQ is one such solution that is a testament of Steelcase’s creativity and commitment to facilitate a better day at work and meet these needs.

 Artistry: SILQ is a canvas for personal expression. The unprecedented range of material combinations allows you to move from one end of the design spectrum to the other. It brings aesthetic cohesion, brand expression and beauty to any environment.

Performance: When you sit down and recline, SILQ responds to the natural movement of your body, making you feel like you’re a part of it. And to keep things simple, it only has one manual adjustment for seat height. The rest of the outputs of the chair are based on the inputs you provide.

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